Monday, December 15, 2014

Declutter Update (Update #3)

oh yes, i'm still going!  trying to get as much of it done as i can while i still have that 'just started' momentum.  although, to be honest, i picked really easy areas this time around.


1 shower curtain, liner, and rings
1 toilet brush/plunger set
1 organizer tray
3 makeup bags
1 first aid box
1 garbage can
2 glass canisters

1 ceramic kleenex cover (it broke. solved that problem.)
1 toothbrush holder (the one that matched the kleenex cover.)
1 shower curtain, liner, and rings
2 under sink drawers
3 makeup bags
1 plastic drawer unit

total kept: 10
total decluttered: 9

living room

1 apple tv
1 picture frame
1 throw blanket
1 surge protector

1 dvd player
1 digital camera

total kept: 4
total decluttered: 2


i mentioned my wardrobe declutter, but i didn't count the rest of the closet contents in that post.  it's a fairly large closet, so it also holds my linens.

1 shoe rack
1 boot tray
1 umbrella
1 suitcase
1 mirror
2 sets of towels
2 sets of sheets
1 duvet
1 cork board
4 pillows
1 hamper
1 electric blanket

1 decorative tray
2 shoe racks
1 duvet
2 pillows
2 sets of towels
1 dresser
2 lamps
5 pillowcases (where did these come from?!)
1 throw blanket

total kept: 17
total decluttered: 17

there's not too much left to get done in terms of general areas, which is exciting.  however, it is the stuff that's the hardest, which is why i put it off.  i need to tackle the kitchen, the hutch in the dining room (which is pretty much an extension of kitchenware), and the contents of the bookcase in my room.  oh and the two big boxes still in my parent's attic, which will hopefully get done when i pet sit in february.  getting there, kids, getting there.
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