Sunday, December 28, 2014

Declutter Update (Update #4)

there's a hutch in our dining room in the apartment.  i don't have dining room furniture, the table belongs to my roommate.  but i do have things in the hutch; it's an easy place to squirrel things away.

1 cards against humanity game
1 wine opener
1 bottle opener
4 wine glasses
4 champagne glasses
2 rocks glasses
8 pint glasses
1 bottle stopper
2 decks of cards
1 cookbook

1 mini iowa helmet
10 shot glasses
2 cocktail shakers
4 wine glasses
2 rocks glasses
2 sets wine charms
2 pint glasses
1 bottle stopper
1 deck of cards
1 bag of batteries
1 set of straws
1 set of cocktail umbrellas
1 set of drink flags

kept: 25
decluttered: 29

oh yes, you're reading that right.  i finally got to the kitchen declutter.  i mean, i only started this project in october, but still.  the kitchen kept getting pushed to the bottom of the list.  i know a lot of my kitchen things (namely related to baking and hosting parties) are in a box in my mom's attic that i desperately need to go through.  but for today, this was a big project that i'm happy to have crossed off my list.

1 keurig
1 set coffee mugs
1 travel mug
1 k-cup container
1 crockpot
1 toaster
1 microwave
1 paper towel holder
2 sets of storage containers 
1 set of silverware
1 knife set
1 set measuring cups
1 set measuring spoons
1 veggie peeler
1 kitchen scissors
1 can opener
1 garlic press
1 set cooking utensils
1 frosting spatula
1 immersion blender
1 set ice cube trays
1 pair oven mitts
1 pans
3 pots
1 set dishes
1 set plastic tumblers
1 glass measuring cup
2 glass bowls
2 vases
1 strainer set
1 mixing bowl set
1 cupcake tin/carrier
1 glass baking pan
2 le creuset baking dishes
1 cutting board
1 calphalon baking pan
1 shelf riser
1 brita pitcher

1 handheld citrus press
1 citrus zester
1 set mini bowls
1 set dishes
1 set glassware
1 set coffee mugs
2 sets plastic tumblers
4 sets of storage containers
1 party tub (to hold ice and beer)
1 flour sifter
1 apple corer
1 plastic measuring cup
1 plastic tumbler
1 magic bullet
2 pan
1 pot
2 baking sheets
3 plastic serving bowls
4 shelf dividers
4 vases
1 strainer
1 oven thermometer
1 champagne bucket
1 glass serving platter
1 glass tiered tray
1 set cooking utensils
1 timer

kept: 44
decluttered: 41
48% (i definitely used 'sets' this time as opposed to individual item counts, but i think i did it fairly in the count)

good lord, kitchen stuff adds up fast.  i really think i got rid of a lot, but there's still that much more?  and more things at my parents' house?  i didn't even think i cooked that much!  what do you think anything else i could get rid of?  is your kitchen stash bigger or smaller?

only 2 more areas to get done, exciting!
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