Declutter Update (Update #4)

there's a hutch in our dining room in the apartment.  i don't have dining room furniture, the table belongs to my roommate.  but i do have things in the hutch; it's an easy place to squirrel things away.

1 cards against humanity game
1 wine opener
1 bottle opener
4 wine glasses
4 champagne glasses
2 rocks glasses
8 pint glasses
1 bottle stopper
2 decks of cards
1 cookbook

1 mini iowa helmet
10 shot glasses
2 cocktail shakers
4 wine glasses
2 rocks glasses
2 sets wine charms
2 pint glasses
1 bottle stopper
1 deck of cards
1 bag of batteries
1 set of straws
1 set of cocktail umbrellas
1 set of drink flags

kept: 25
decluttered: 29

oh yes, you're reading that right.  i finally got to the kitchen declutter.  i mean, i only started this project in october, but still.  the kitchen kept getting pushed to the bottom of the list.  i know a lot of my kitchen things (namely related to baking and hosting parties) are in a box in my mom's attic that i desperately need to go through.  but for today, this was a big project that i'm happy to have crossed off my list.

1 keurig
1 set coffee mugs
1 travel mug
1 k-cup container
1 crockpot
1 toaster
1 microwave
1 paper towel holder
2 sets of storage containers 
1 set of silverware
1 knife set
1 set measuring cups
1 set measuring spoons
1 veggie peeler
1 kitchen scissors
1 can opener
1 garlic press
1 set cooking utensils
1 frosting spatula
1 immersion blender
1 set ice cube trays
1 pair oven mitts
1 pans
3 pots
1 set dishes
1 set plastic tumblers
1 glass measuring cup
2 glass bowls
2 vases
1 strainer set
1 mixing bowl set
1 cupcake tin/carrier
1 glass baking pan
2 le creuset baking dishes
1 cutting board
1 calphalon baking pan
1 shelf riser
1 brita pitcher

1 handheld citrus press
1 citrus zester
1 set mini bowls
1 set dishes
1 set glassware
1 set coffee mugs
2 sets plastic tumblers
4 sets of storage containers
1 party tub (to hold ice and beer)
1 flour sifter
1 apple corer
1 plastic measuring cup
1 plastic tumbler
1 magic bullet
2 pan
1 pot
2 baking sheets
3 plastic serving bowls
4 shelf dividers
4 vases
1 strainer
1 oven thermometer
1 champagne bucket
1 glass serving platter
1 glass tiered tray
1 set cooking utensils
1 timer

kept: 44
decluttered: 41
48% (i definitely used 'sets' this time as opposed to individual item counts, but i think i did it fairly in the count)

good lord, kitchen stuff adds up fast.  i really think i got rid of a lot, but there's still that much more?  and more things at my parents' house?  i didn't even think i cooked that much!  what do you think anything else i could get rid of?  is your kitchen stash bigger or smaller?

only 2 more areas to get done, exciting!


  1. We were JUST talking about how we need to get rid of some of our glasses. There are 2 people living in our apartment but based on glasses alone you'd think it was a family of 12.

  2. I have sooo many shot glasses but I collect them in countries I visit but they really take up space. Great kitchen declutter ... Im sure that was the worst part!

  3. I can't believe you got rid of 10 shot glasses. I could definitely get rid of random plates. When I left ex husband #2 I didn't have any dishes because it was all his. So my mom gave me odds and ends. I have always hated them, but never got rid of them when I got a good set of my own.

  4. I got rid of most of my "kid" bar stuff. Glasses we collected from bars, etc. Ridiculous.

  5. I have a few things I could get rid of in the kitchen....but I feel like I use most of the stuff we have. I love your drive to do this!!!

  6. I'm just really glad you kept cards against humanity! :)

  7. Looking good! I'm planning on going through all of our stuff and figuring out what I want to buy a nice set of before getting rid of whatever it is. Like, we need a nicer knife set, but I can't get rid of the one I have until we have a new one. And all our random cheap-o utensils need upgraded, but again I need new ones before tossing the old ones. I can't wait to start that, though.

  8. I so enjoy reading your declutter lists. Our kitchen is the one place that doesn't feel overly cluttered, simply because it's SO SMALL. We have utilized all the space we can, and I've gotten rid of a few things here and there that we just never use/need.

  9. I always thought I had pretty basic / minimalist things in the kitchen, but looking at your list of what you kept, I know I have way more so wow! it certainly does add up fast. i don't really bake and I'm not a very good cook either (though i'm trying) so I'm missing a lot of the things on your list, but i know there is stuff i could get rid of. i have one colander and 3 strainers (different sizes) and i never use the strainers but i just keep them in case i ever need them.. it's really silly. i have to get the strainers out every time i need the colander which is a lot.

  10. Ugh, I even got rid of my keurig and down sized to a cheaper yet better coffeemaker. No one has time for expensive K-cups!

  11. You did a great job! I need to start my decluttering when I get back to Texas since I'm moving back to MN in June & am not getting a UHaul or anything.

  12. I am behind reaing on yor declutter projects, but what are you doing with the items you've decided to get rid of? Goodwill? Craigslist?

  13. I just donated some glasses but my mugs are out of hand. I bake a lot so I have a lot of gadgets. I really need to work on my kitchen.

  14. Dear Lord! Give me all the stuff you decluttered. I just moved out from a shared house with roommates and can't believe how many things I don't have.

  15. Wow you really cut it down!! We have so much kitchen stuff!! I actually just bought a citrus press but I do drink warm lemon water in the morning so I feel like it was justified b/c I'm tired of picking lemon seeds out :) Kitchen stuff is so hard because you never know what you might need :)

  16. I love this. I need to cut down on things. I have been eliminating things but I haven't been keeping a very good list.

  17. Kitchen stashes are hard because it's hard to cross items over to multiple purposes. I think you did a great job!

  18. I am just so impressed that you fit so much into your