How Did I Do On My 2014 Predictions?

back in january of this year, i made predictions instead of resolutions.  i haven't made any yet for 2015, partially because i was so wrong about 2014!  here's what i predicted:

i predict... i'll cross 20 more things off my 101 in 1001 list, bringing my total to 65/101.  success.  i'm actually up to 80!

i predict... another kardashian clan baby.  but i'm thinking kendall this time.  close - it was kourtney. again.

i predict... i'll leave the state to visit someone.  nope.  i don't think i went anywhere this year.  other than wisconsin and indiana, but neither occasion was to visit someone.

i predict... 100 more pins on my pinterest boards (bringing me up to 600.)  definitely pinned a lot more, but deleted more as well, so i'm still only at 559.  there's 100 new ones this year though, for sure.

i predict... my best friend meredith getting engaged.  nope.  she got pregnant instead.  i know he has the ring, no idea why he hasn't asked yet.

i predict... a really, really good football season for the iowa hawkeyes and the chicago bears.  oh god.  i don't even know what i was thinking with this.

i predict... a staycation/vacation with john.  vacation, no.  we had no time!  but staycation, yes.

i predict... attending 5 weddings.  (already rsvp-ed to 3. woof.)  actually, only attended those 3 - john's cousin, one of our friends from high school, and my friends, kelli and ryan.  the other three we were invited to were john's friends and he opted not to go.

i predict... seeing my friend's band 10 times.  in addition to attending his wedding.  easily 10, so many street fests.

i predict... awesome coordinating halloween costumes with megan and tarayep, the sanderson sisters!

i predict... 52 more instagram photos of hawkeye.  can you believe it? no! only 41.

future-seer i am not.  damnit football teams.  you have one job to do.  also, i need to instagram more photos of hawkeye.  obviously.

as for ringing in this new year, i'll be sticking with my frugal lifestyle and honoring the spending frost by heading to the bar around the corner from my apartment with john.  no cabs, no cover, no wristband deals.  just free party favors and a free snack bar, and $4.50 top shelf drinks.  i love that place.  i also have champagne from my mom already chilling.  champagne tastes better when it's free.

have a safe and happy new year!  see you in 2015.

p.s. be safe chicagoans - the cta is free from 10 pm to 4 am so no excuses!


  1. I vote for more pictures of Hawkeye to make that goal a pass by tomorrow night. Happy new year!

  2. I vote you still have one day to post those 9 photos of Hawkeye that I'm obviously being deprived of. ;)

  3. Happy New Year! I'll be staying home with the hubs and some delicious snacks. Oh, and all 8 Harry Potter Blu-Rays. LOL.

  4. I certainly vote for more Haweye pictures! And I completely agree, champagne is so much better when it is free!!!! Cheers to a happy 2015!!!

  5. I think you were pretty close. 41 is only 11 away from 52. I am wedding-out. Not a word. But seriously I need a break.

  6. Those football teams will break your heart! But... I guess my Vols will see your Hawkeyes on Friday! (And more Hawkeye photos, please!)

  7. Only 41 photos of Hawkeye? Looks like you have 11 photos to post of her today. Get going!

    Happy New Year to HRH, you & John.

  8. You did pretty good! I'm not Miss Cleo, even thought people are dicks and call me that, but I still couldn't have done as good as you! Yes, more pics of Hawkeye and John please!

    Happy New Year love!

  9. Yeah tough luck on the football! Hawkeye is so adorable so please aim for 100 in 2015.

    Also, I just wanted to say THANK YOU! I read your blog post about blog planning/scheduling posts. I will have to say that it has totally inspired me. I have now created a blog calendar and I've blogged everyday this week and have Thursdays and Fridays scheduled. I'm hoping to great through the end of the month by the end of the weekend. I've made a chart to keep track of topics to not repeat - etc. Again, thank you so much - you have truly helped me in the mission to get my blog back on track.

    Happy New Year!!
    ♥ Shia

  10. The one about Da Bears made me laugh ha. I don't make resolutions either but I never thought about making predictions! I hope 2015 is great to you!

  11. Your Hawkeyes made a bowl game. I don't see how that's a failure. (Of course, I'm that rogue Cyclone fan in your reader list, so ... yeah, I think I get the trophy for worst college football season.) The Bears are another story.

  12. You are slacking on those Hawkeye photos Steph!!! hhaha Also he has the ring ... he better ask her in 2015 put that on the new prediction list lol

  13. Free champagne is the best champagne. Happy 2015!!

  14. love the prediction style post, i can't even imagine how wrong i would be if i tried to predict my future lol. more instagram photos of hawkeye this year!

  15. I am most shocked by the lack of photos of Hawkeye on Instagram. What are you doing with your life!! Haha! You didn't do that bad though with your predictions.

  16. The internet always needs more Hawkeye.

  17. Happy 2015 to you!! I think you did pretty good with your predictions! Of course I'm sure Hawkeye is shocked at her lack of presence on IG (what an outrage) :)