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January 15, 2015

1. happy new year!  john and i went to the bar around the corner from my apartment (aptly named, corner bar.  they're so creative.) to celebrate.  no cover, $7 pitchers, $4.50 top shelf drinks, free party favors and snack bar.  my kind of place!  we probably drank too much, but it was such a fun (and cheap!) night.  we might host a nye party next year at our new house, but whatever we do, i'm always happy to spend the night watching news anchor mark giangreco getting shit faced on tv while drinking cheap champagne with this handsome man.  it tastes like peaches, ok?  the champagne, not the man.

2. i bought something not spending freeze approved pretty much the first day of january, but it was only $9 and worth every penny - an apartment cleaning.  handy had an awesome new year's deal, $19 for 2 hours of cleaning, tax and tip included.  so my roommate and i split it.  worth every penny, particularly after we had people over during both christmas and new years.  you can use this referral link for $25 off your first handy cleaning.  it's available in most major cities and i highly recommend it.  who knew a $9 purchase and a clean floor could make me so pleased?

3. other than that, january has been going exceedingly well on the spending freeze front.  you'll see in the post at the end of the month, but spending has been non-existent.  i think i currently have 2 other things on there besides the cleaning, and one is groceries.

4. had a lovely post-christmas get together with my 3 best friends from law school, since one of them was in town from canada.  eleni hosted and this was her spread for only 7 people.  i think it's because she's greek.  but really, it was a fantastic party, she's such a good hostess!

5. the little gifts i made for my friends for christmas.  i used swagbucks money of course, but the bath and body works mini candles were on sale for $2 from $4.50 and i got the mini body butters for $3 from $6 using groupon.  the nail polishes i got for free (otherwise $8.50) by using my cvs extra bucks throughout the past few months.  cute little gifts for $5 instead of $19.  win.

6. this one is best and worst - remember john's job moved him two hours away?  it still sucks, but now they put him on 7-12s.  7 days a week, 12 hour days.  (they only have to give him a day off every 21 days or something ridiculous like that.)  which means no more coming home on saturday nights.  it's horrible.  but, it makes the list because (a) they'll be done with the job faster this way and he can permanently come home sooner and (b) it's a lot of money, because it's time and a half and double time over time pay.  which means bigger house down payment come august!  hawkeye is mad though, she does not understand facetime at all.  she's all 'get john out of the box!  you're ruining my life!'

7. finally got the heat fixed in the apartment!  it was working, but was maxing out between 60 and 63.  fine by me (the cold lover) but my roommate and her cat were not happy.  the landlord saved the day and replaced it super fast, but now i'm sad the cat doesn't want to hang out any more.  i had the heated blanket so it made him cuddle up with me on the couch to binge watch things on netflix.  now he's all 'pssh. busy. enjoy your dog.'  but 2 days to totally replace the furnace is incredible compared to the shit show steph has been dealing with.

8. speaking of steph, we picked out some topics to continue the choose your own adventure challenge.  we decided to keep the link-up going through may, and then break for summer.  please join us!  this month is 'complete', and you still have plenty of time to join in.  february is 'create,' march is 'relationships,' (any, so don't fret if you aren't married - i plan on working on my relationship with my dog!), april is 'finances' in time for tax season, and may is 'read' which steph will dominate in and i will fail.  hopefully not.  we hope you join us for any or all of them.

9. john got his lasik done last weekend, which went very successfully.  we were in and out of the hospital in 45 minutes!  he loves it, although he still has to put drops in hourly, for like 2 months.  i wanted lasik, and the surgery didn't seem bad at all, but the aftercare... i'm not sure i can handle that.  it's a lot of steps and i'm not responsible enough for all that.

10. hawkeye.  i've been trying to get more pictures of her on instagram, after finding out that last year there were only 42.  but she just sleeps all day!  little lazy bum.  she's still cute though.


  1. Aww 7 days a week for 12 hours?? That sounds crazy. Hang in there it will be worth it - that message was for Hawkeye because I'm sure you already know that lol

  2. I honestly don't care if you post 100 pictures a day of Hawkeye and she's sleeping in all of them. Totally fine by me.

  3. Haha I promise you that if you get lasik you won't forget the aftercare. It's impossible to :) Granted, it is pretty annoying (I never have been good at putting in eyedrops), but a small price to pay for never having to stick my finger in my eye again!!

  4. I live under my electric blanket. It forces the animals to love me. March is a great time for a relationship challenge. It may be what I need to push me to do what I needed to do a year ago.

  5. That cleaning special sounds amazing! I always have trust issues with someone else all over my house though. I have the need to watch over them.

    Johns schedule is ridiculous! Fingers crossed they kill that project fast.

  6. Sleeping Hawkeye is totally Instagram worthy. I almost got Lasik last year, but I'm not eligible. :( :( boo.

  7. I LOL at the pic of you and HRH on the bottom. Hilarious. I love sleeping dog photos so post away on IG.

    SUCK at the job situation for John, but done quicker and bigger house deposit is awesome. I hope Hawkeye survives with just the facetime. Because, you know, it's all about her.

    I will have a heater Monday! Praise the Lord. The parts actually arrive today (which was my demand in the social media shitstorm) but the contractor has installs today, Sat & Sun. I'm okay with Monday morning because he's been awesome and feeding me info behind the warranty company's back. When this shitshow is over, a how not to do customer service blog post is coming. I hope it gets retweeted everywhere.

    LASIK was the best thing I've ever done. Ever.

  8. Awesome list - it does suck you won't get to see John but those perks are definitely worth the temporary sacrifice!! I have a cleaning crew that comes once a month and they make my life sooo much easier. It's worth every penny. That 2nd image of Hawkeye is so precious :) Happy Friday Stephanie! Take Care -Iva

  9. That cleaning special is most def worth a break in the freeze! We have been talking about getting a deep clean down on our house, because neither one of us it a true cleaner. We both keep it just above board for people coming over, but that's it. I want lasik soooo bad, but like some others said above I'm not eligible yet. My eyes still change too much every year. One day though, one day.

  10. ALL the dog pictures!!! I love pictures of other people's dogs. Because then I feel less bad about constantly posting pictures of mine.

    That is a sweet housecleaning deal! I need someone to come in and do mine. My cleaning skills are completely subpar.

  11. That is a good spread for only 7 people! You rocked those gifts and so inexpensive with all the different savings. Aww Hawkeye looks cute sleeping or not!

  12. corner bar is my favorite bar in dallas and I don't even care ho knows it. i need to up my pics of hugo vs millie. Millie just seems to pose for the camera and hugo is like, I'm over this shit. such cute christmas gifts for your friends!

  13. i'm sorry about john working so much, but yay for extra money and being done faster!
    i probably spent too much on friends and such this year - buying full sized candles and lotion etc when i could have bought the smaller ones on sale. i will have to keep an eye out for their next sale and get some of the little ones to stock up for christmas. oooh i love the upcoming adventure themes, relationships (interesting) finances (eep) and read (yayyy) but i'm bummed about summer lol. just kidding.

  14. I'm sorry that John has to work so much, but I'm glad to hear that there seem to be two pretty big upsides to the situation. We can do almost anything for a short amount of time.

    1. I definitely keep reminding myself that it's only a few months. It's tough, but not forever!

  15. I just love pictures of Hawkeye! That is awful about John's work schedule!!! But I guess more money and finishing quicker and getting it over with is good too.

    Sounds like you had some fabulous get togethers and I love the presents (and price!!) that you picked out. Just perfect!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  16. that sucks about john's schedule but also good since it'll be more money/over faster. i need to do a spending freeze month too! and i feel your pain with hawkeye - the pugs are alwaaaaays sleeping.

  17. I am SO pumped about the next few months of challenges. Despite reading your blog, I suck with money. So far, I haven't run into trouble (or the red) with it, so I haven't changed anything. But just because it hasn't blown up my life, doesn't mean it couldn't use some tweaking.

    Also, am on board with everyone above. Sleeping dogs are adorable.

  18. Seriously Hawkeye is the best ever behind Heisman. :) ok they are equally cute.

  19. Your pup is adorable!!! And I am seriously impressed by your christmas gifts!

  20. Boo to John having to work so much but Yay to a bigger down payment!!

  21. I'm torn about lasik too. It scares me! I didn't even consider the aftercare.

    And definitely $9 for a housecleaning is way too good to pass up. It probably saved you mental health so worth breaking the freeze a tad.

  22. Just read this and remembered that I need to work on my "complete it" task, so I did! Good motivation/reminder, thanks :)

    I do what I want.


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