December Spending Recap

and we are officially in 2015!  crazy how fast that happened.  but before starting the new year on the right frugal foot, i had to take a look back at december.  oh december, you holiday filled money grubbing month.  not as kind on the budget or the spending frost as november was, i'll tell you that!

december 1
cyber monday, man.  did anyone resist?  i actually stopped myself on a lot of things (maurices, venus, the loft, etsy, express, ny and co, the limited.  i don't know why i test my willpower like that) but i obviously didn't get out totally unscathed.
-$73 at express, shirts for john and
-$92 at banana republic, shirts for john.  at his request, he was lacking in nice shirts to wear out.
-$84 at victoria's secret.  i wanted pjs and they just suck me in, those vs marketing bastards.  i'm powerless to resist.
-$35 at target for sweaters
-$31 at bath and body works.  candles.  i know, i know.  someone stop me!
-$20 at walgreens (toilet paper, dental floss, super fun things like that - not cyber monday related.)
+$25 paypal from swagbucks

december 2
-$8 at chipotle.  this is called emotional eating and spending.  remember this?
-$58 pet supplies

december 3
-$14 for pizza.  my roommate broke up with her boyfriend, so screw that zucchini and kale shit in fridge.  it's pizza, ice cream, and vodka night.  again with the emotional eating and spending.

december 4
-$12 for jimmy john's
-$28 for grubhub
i have no explanation for this day.  just, bad.

december 5
-$80 blog design by kailyn!  still loving it.
+$7 sidebar ad sales
+$118 sold my digital camera  ($118 is after all fees and shipping were paid.)

december 6
-$65 hawkeye to grooming.  she had to get a bath and a haircut.  since the weather is so dry, she got an oatmeal bath and a deep conditioning.  pampered little baby that one.

december 8
+$125 blog profits (clever girls)

december 10
+$25 paypal from swagbucks (the lack of swagbucks the rest of the month is because i went with amazon gift cards instead of paypal cash.)

december 12
+$27 sidebar ad sales

december 15
+$50 blog profits (blogher)

december 23
-$31 petsmart

december 24
-28 christmas treats (nuts, donuts)
-$40 cabs

december 30
-$7 lunch with katie for late christmas celebrating

december 31
-$50 new years eve

budget killers - i know, i know.  long post = not a good month.  yes, i am in a spending frost, but i can't totally eliminate spending.  and december is just one of those months.  so many holiday related shopping and outings.  i'm not in debt by any means, i budget for all of the things on this list and i still save towards all my goals.  i'd just like to get the discretionary spending closer to zero.  thank goodness the mid month saw more green than red.  because woof, those first 4 days.  very red.  i did still get $1,150 in towards savings goals this month, so i can't complain!
some things that helped this month - 
(1) john was gone for a lot of it, which sucks and i'd rather spend the money having him here.  helps the bottom line when we aren't eating out and getting beers during the week, but i miss him.
(2) no grocery shopping, you might notice.  my mom gave me a whole foods gift card back in october and that's what i used for all my grocery needs this month.
(3) digital christmas cards.  i opted not to get prints made this year, or spend the postage.  i still designed each card and entered everyone's name, so no two cards were alike.  it was kind of fun actually.  (john wants to do 'real' cards next year though.)
(4) frugal get togethers.  i got together with my law school friends at one of their houses, just brought some champagne and chocolates that my mom provided, because she's awesome.  and natalie and eleni took me out for a belated birthday dinner.  thank you ladies (they read, they both subscribed via email, that's an option you know, check the sidebar.)

january is going to get serious.  i don't make new year's resolutions, namely because i make goals all year round, but that's my resolution for january.  serious spending lock down to get back on the horse.  the only things planned are my mom's birthday (she asked for the new oprah book, and my dad will take us to dinner) and john getting lasik.  i'll get him takeout that day.  hopefully nothing else will get added to my calendar, but i'm confident that january is a frugal month for everyone.  wish me luck.


  1. I love how you track all of this. This could really help me. Great post!

  2. I often feel like budgeting in December is pointless! It's so hard with all the gifts! I usually try to just pay attention to how much I'm spending per person so I can make sure I keep it reasonable!

  3. I am cracking down this month too, and working on paying off some credit cards, ugh.

    1. Good luck! January is a pretty quiet month I think - you can definitely do it!

  4. I'm doing some "financial fasting" myself. I'm starting it this month, but It's going to extend into...well probably the rest of the year, so that is going to be fun. You totally inspired me though. I hope I can monitor my spending as closely as you do!

  5. December was tough on me too. The holidays just really throw curveballs. When I was writing my budget in November I didn't think of things like a small gift for my super, having unexpected company (food & wine) and having to bring appetizers and things to some parties that cropped up. Hopefully my obnoxious spreadsheet-making and record-keeping will keep me from the same underestimations next year!

  6. I agree with Becca... budgeting in December is pointless. Also, how you got away with only $50 on NYE is beyond me! Still a good month, considering!

  7. Oh Cyber Monday! I at least feel good about how much of my very large purchases I returned haha. You did pretty well overall though!

  8. I didn't shop at all for cyber-monday or anything like that, but I do have some gift cards that are burning holes in my pocket. It has helped to not buy as much food since I haven't been at work for 2 weeks.

  9. december is really bad for me and eating out - not just holiday stuff but pure laziness and lots of jimmy johns. i didn't buy anything on cyber monday but black friday... not so good.

  10. I think everyone is going to be cracking down on their budgets this month. That will make it easier. I totally resisted the Semi-Annual sale at VS, I don't know what is wrong will me but the force is strong.

  11. I think that December spending is rough for everyone! I love how you track everything though and you are much more on top of things than most people!!

  12. Now I'm not mathematician (I went to law school after all), but it seems like all those little encouraging greens make up for the harsh reds no? Silver lining? :)

  13. I think for December, you did really well. It's always killer on our budget, but it's hard to say no to literally all the things, just most of the things.

  14. think I need to start doing this!

  15. Yeah, December is the worst month. I'm not doing a spending frost like you are, but I am trying to cut down my needless spending. December was not the best month to start that...

  16. haha your emotional eating days crack me up because I totally understand it, best intentions right?? December is always a bad month for us even though we don't do the whole xmas thing. I'm all god until the boxing day sales, and then I get sucked in by all the deals #girlcantgopastabargain

  17. I wish I could be as dedicated as you, last time I was that frugal was the first time saving up for a house ohhh how I wish I could get some of that restraint back or turn it towards my weight and fitness goals. You are an inspiration keep it up

  18. Ok so I just left a comment but I don't think it went through... anyways I just wanted to say I think you did awesome!

  19. December was a horrible spending month for me. The holidays are killer to a budget. I'm like you... looking forward to cutting back on the spending in January!

  20. December was terrible. January will be better for me. I didnt work it out but the greens seem to make up for the reds and breaking even aint all bad is it? I love how you track all these btw!!