Monday, January 12, 2015

Declutter Update (Update #5)

the last in the declutter project, at least in my own apartment.  i have 2 large boxes to go through still in my parents' attic, which i plan on getting to in february.  but for my apartment, the project is complete!  at least, round one.  i'm guessing i forgot some things or that i could be more ruthless in another round, so i might have another go at each area.

bedroom side table

1 2015 planner
1 notebook
1 picture frame
1 laptop
1 iphone
1 set of photobooth picture strips
1 pair of glasses
1 pen cup
1 pair of scissors
1 set of pens
1 extension cord
1 jewelry tray

1 2014 planner
1 set of personalized labels
1 set of pens
1 lamp
1 notepad

kept: 12
decluttered: 5


stuffed puppy from john
1 curling iron
1 straightener
1 crimper
1 hair dryer
1 hair brush
1 makeup storage container
1 travel toiletries bag
1 toolbox
1 scale
5 lb weights
1 book (total money makeover)
2 dvds (empire records, brink)
label maker
laptop bag
pop-up notes
1 external hard drive
1 plastic box

1 curling iron
1 hair brush
4 headbands
1 jump rope
2 specialty photos (the fancy ones they print for you, one from discovery cove and one from six flags)
3 books
2 plastic boxes
2 and 3 lb weights
saw pieces (i don't even have the handsaw any more, so wtf?)
post-it notes
1 address book
1 sim card

kept: 23
decluttered: 21

not bad!  my room isn't huge, so it was good to get a lot of stuff out.  i do need to get the bookcase better organized, but for now i feel great about how much less stuff there is.

although, now that i consider it, i do have a small part to finish - things belonging to princess hawkeye.  i have to declutter her toys when she's not watching...

edited to add: i'm making this all into a home inventory spreadsheet in google docs.  you can see it here if you're interested.  it's a work in progress, i'm completing it as i make a second pass through each area!
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