January Spending Recap

another month down, quite successfully.  check it out:

january 2
+$111 went to the otb with my parents.  our horse raced, came in 2nd.  i placed some successful bets!

january 3
-$10 apartment cleaning.  handy had an awesome new year's deal, $19 for 2 hours of cleaning, tax and tip included.  so my roommate and i split it.  worth every penny, particularly after we had people over during both christmas and new years.  you can use this referral link for $25 off your first handy cleaning.  it's available in most major cities and i highly recommend it.
-$31 groceries

january 6
+$25 paypal from swagbucks

january 9
-$50 take out.  john got lasik done today.  i ended up getting a coffee and snack for myself (he was in there around lunch time) and then ordered us food for dinner to make the day easier.

january 14
+$25 paypal from swagbucks
+$11 blog income (ad sales)

january 15
-$36 target. makeup and household supplies.  the household stuff was necessary, the makeup was not.  target will always get you.

january 19
-$10 dinner with betsy
+$100 blog income (clever girls)

january 22
-$9 walgreens, for sinus meds. damn headaches.

january 23
+$7 blog income (sidebar ads)

january 24
+$11 thredup (you sell them clothes)
-$55 boxed.  it's a wholesale place, but online.  so easy.  2 months of breakfasts for 20 cents a day, and 2 months of snacks for 27 cents a day.  the rest was household stuff (toilet paper and swiffer refills.)  you can use the invite code 0CRXH for $10 off your first order, plus it ships free.  i recommend the sale section.

january 26
+$25 paypal from swagbucks

january 30
+$25 paypal from swagbucks

ta-da! the end.  wait, what?  really?  yep!  i tell ya, january might be my favorite month.  at least when it comes to the peace and quiet, simplicity, and ease on my budget.

totals: -$201, +$340 = +$139

money saving moves:
1. the chicago bar association had free healthy lunch in their cafeteria literally every day this month for going to committee meetings.  i went, almost every day.  what's up, aviation law committee?  free food, guys.  whatever, i pay my dues each year.  i'm just cashing in on that $70 i just paid in december.  and i could like aviation law, you don't know my life.
2. i likewise used the cba for my continuing legal education.  you have to have 30 hours of class time to be reported every two years.  i have to report in june.  each class is worth maybe .75 hours and are an hour long, so it takes awhile.  normally, you also have to pay to go to them in person.  instead, i watched all 30 hours online (you have to click things to prove you watched) using the cba's 'free cle' webcast database, mostly over christmas/new years time off.  if i do nothing else all year, i think i've gotten my $70 worth.

now the test will be keeping the momentum going through february.  steph is doing a spending freeze this month, and i think i will join her.  this whole project is one i refer to as a 'frost,' since i don't completely cut out all spending (see january 9, 15, 24...) so much as i severely limit it.  but i think i can totally freeze it in february, by using gift cards for valentine's day and the 2 birthdays i'll be celebrating.  with the boxed order and a gift card from christmas, i'll definitely be set on groceries.

even though i already know i'll be buying plane tickets for vegas.  but that's for april, so i'm pretending it doesn't count.


  1. Great job on spending as little as you did. I love the idea for getting free lunches, yay for conferences/meetings! I am still amazed at how well you did with swagbucks! I finally got my first gift cards from them and it felt great #freemoney!

  2. so many things I will be checking out. i started off the year great with swagbucks but have slacked off lately.

  3. You did so well! everything you spent on I find to be justifiable! Go you!

  4. Target gets me every time too! I have been slacking on Swagbucks too.

  5. Target is such a dangerous place, but you still do so well! I'm always super inspired by your progress!

    1. Thanks! Target is definitely bad for me. I don't go crazy, but I always get at least 2 small things I don't need. I need to stay out of there!

  6. Awesome job!

    The freeze is on! The only thing I'm buying this month not on a gift card is paint.

  7. You killed it! I really need to do one, it's just so much is happening these days. But frivlous purchases need to go out the door. Yay for free food!

  8. You go girl!! I'm always so impressed by how quickly you earn Swagbucks! :) I feel like I live on there but still don't make nearly as much! lol

  9. I need to know more about swagbucks and how you earn money through it!! Good job on the spending freeze!

  10. You did awesome!!! And I love the way you laid it all out here.

    Yay for free food!

    I need to do one of these soon. Maybe I'll do it in March since February already started and I need to figure out all of my expenses before diving in.

  11. Good job! and seriously, target is such a money trap.

  12. I'm on a can't-spend-money-because-I-literally-have-nothing-extra freeze. I got hit with a huge bill that I can't avoid and now I no longer have anything extra. It really sucks.

  13. WOW great job! Have to thank you for all the posts on Swagbucks, just made my first $25 paypal cash. Super excited about it!

  14. "I could like aviation law, you don't know my life" I about diieddd.
    Your savings astound me
    I'm pretty sure if I did this recap my whole blog would be red :/

  15. target will always get you - so true. totally gonna check out boxed, sounds interesting.
    i would sit through aviation anything for free lunch. yum.