Tuesday, February 24, 2015

101 in 1001 Update

i've been doing really well on my 101 in 1001 list over the years.  yes, years; i started july, 2013.  making my end date the end of march, 2016.  so just over 1 year to go, and just 20 things left on my list.  feel free to check it out to see what i've already done (ask if you want to know about anything in particular.)

but this post is about the 20 things i have left.  i've resigned myself to the fact that there's a few that i know won't get done.  namely visiting meredith in california and going to nashville.  with going to vegas in april and buying a house in august, there's just no way i'll have the money to spend on any other travel.  (yes, i could go to cali from vegas, but at that time meredith's baby will have just been born, and there's 400,000 things i can think of that i'd rather do than see a newborn, including sticking forks in my eye and dipping my feet into a piranha tank.)  the surprise baby also put a damper on #64 on my list, celebrate her wedding.  the boyfriend has not proposed yet, and she won't get married until the baby weight is gone anyway.

as for the rest, i do think i can hit all of them within the next year.  the one i'm most excited about is currently #13, "completely declutter my parent's house."  in what could possibly be the best news in, well, ever - my mother has finally admitted defeat and surrendered control on decluttering their house.  to me.  yes!!  she called saying 'you need to spend some serious time here, this is just out of control.  it's too much stuff.  it's embarrassing, no one should have this much stuff.  i need help.'  finally.  now, before you go thinking my mom is a hoarder, here's some before shots.

she's honestly pretty minimal compared to a lot people.  decor and tchotchkes has never really been her thing.  but she has attachments to sentimental objects and stuff that could potentially be useful, like things from my high school and pens and printer cartridges.  here's the problem though, she really pushes the limits on sentimental and useful.  the stuff from high school?  my 11th grade report card.  the printer cartridge?  for a printer she no longer owns.  this is the crap that just has to go.  along with eleventy billion vhs tapes because man, those really annoy me.

it's the little things.  see when you look at the computer room up close?  that's a lot of unnecessary crap.  and the room with the rug and it's closet?  that's my old room.  it should be empty, but my dad can't emotionally let the furniture go and my mom then sneaks more things in there.  i guess it's nice that they love me, but guys... it's time to let go.  i haven't even had a bed in that house for 12 years.

so that is what i'll be doing for the next few weekends, until that place is half empty from what it is now.  and i couldn't be happier about it, because decluttering, sorting, and organizing is my absolute favorite way to spend my time.  some people like to lay on a beach, i like to clean out their closets while they're gone.  hopefully my mom doesn't totally regret letting me take control but... she should probably order a dumpster at this point.

challenge accepted.

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