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4 Staples of Vegas, 4 Things I'm Bringing, and the HP x360

as you might know, because i've mentioned it, oh, 400 times, i'm heading to vegas in april with john and his brother, eric.  i've been looking up all sorts of things to do and see, since vegas always changes.  (and to keep my mind off the fact that i have to fly there.  yuck.)  and even though it's a long list, there's some favorites about that fabulous town that never change for me.

(1) the strip and the gorgeous fountain show set to music.  (2) all the cool details of the hotel we're staying at.  (3) downtown vegas and the awesome light show canopy that stretches down the street.  (4) the warm air and frozen drinks combination.  i'm excited just looking at it.  all of these photos are from the last time i went there (time before last?), so i hope everything is still as fantastic as i remember!  and now, there's even more on my to do list, so to say i'm excited is an understatement.

and of course, i've already started thinking about my packing list.  yes, two months early.  do not even act like you're surprised.  (and no, the acid wash jean mini skirt is no longer with us, don't worry.  my pale legs sure are, though.)  since i love all things minimalist, and am of course a cheapskate who hates paying fees of any kind, i only ever take the allowed single carry on, plus a purse.  if you've seen my closet list, you're probably thinking that i could fit my entire wardrobe in a carry on.  you'd be right.  regardless, i'm just bringing the essentials!

(1) a laptop for researching last minute discounts (full price for a buffet?  this girl?  never).  (2) a tablet for poolside reading and, let's be honest, pinterest surfing.  (3) a movie player for the plane.  (4) a stand for being a clock/music player/weather alerter all-in-one while in the hotel room.  well, maybe not weather alerter, i don't think vegas changes temperatures by 60 degrees in a single day, like chicago does.

now if you're looking at that collage and thinking 'wait a minute... i think that's all the same product?'  you'd be right again - it's the HP Pavillion x360.  as you can see, the HP x360 bends the rules with it's 4 modes you can bend it into: laptop, tablet, stand and tent.  pretty perfect for a minimalist like myself so i don't need to bring 4 separate gadgets and waste precious carry on space.  if you're not quite as minimalist as myself, ladies, that translates into 'room for extra pair of shoes.'

so far, i think the tent option is my favorite, because it's so space saving.  i've been keeping it in the tent position while i play music when i'm getting ready, since it comes loaded with beats audio.  the keyboard is out of the way so i don't get makeup on it and i can hit 'next' right on the touchscreen to skip songs so easily.  i haven't used it as much in the stand position, but i already know i'll be testing that out during the flight for playing movies.  in attempt to keep me calm since i'm possibly the world's worst flyer, of course.

but another fun thing to note and look forward to when it comes to music, HP is bending the rules again and going on tour with with Meghan Trainor and making it come to life for her fans by documenting everything behind the scenes of her That Bass tour.  they're going to put out a six episode "All About That Tour" documentary so fans can see all the fun things like costumes and hair and makeup.  you can follow HP to know when those are out!  if you happen to be going to one of her tours, you can even participate.

and now i have 4 ways to watch the episodes and listen to her songs.  yes, look at me, my own little way of bending the rules and branching out from country music.
    so what do you think?  would a convertible pc work for your life?  how would you use the HP x360?

    *This #bendtherules moment is brought to you in collaboration with HP.  Thanks for supporting these collaborations between brands and Not Entirely Perfect!


    1. That canopy is gorgeous! Hope you have a blast in April. How versatile, and love the space saving for a traditional laptop.

    2. What hotel are you staying in? I'm going to go to Vegas for my first time in April and I'll be at the Venetian. I need to get planning for that trip.

    3. That's really cool. I've owned a Dell for as long as I can remember. Even my work computer and laptop are Dell. But, I just bought the HP stream for me and the girls. It was only 299. But, I wish I had seen this one for myself.

    4. GAH now you're making me crave a vegas trip! nothin beats walking down the strip at any hour of the night or day with a drink in your hand and no cares in the world.

    5. This is so exciting!! I've always wanted to go to Vegas (especially after The Hangover) so I can't wait to hear about your trip. I love that tablet, it looks really versatile! I'm always lugging my iPad mini with me whenever I'm going on trips.

    6. I honestly think you should get that acid wash denim skirt out of retirement. Make a statement! <3
      I've never been to Vegas, so I shall live vicariously through you.

    7. I love love love the Bellagio fountains.

      I also love the HP!

    8. I've been to Vegas more times than I can count (living driving distance made it easy), and I HIGHLY recommend renting a day bed or cabanna in one of the adult pools. We usually stayed at the Venitian because the rooms are so big you can comfortably cram a ton of people in there, and we always went to Tao Beach, the adult pool. There are different price ranges, but you basically have to spend a certain amount in food and alcohol to pay for your day bed. They are also topless fyi. It'sreally just a fun time with an interesting crowd and great people watching. And, if you have a few people, it's not too expensive. Plus it is the pefect way to spend the day before going out for the night!

    9. I haven't been to Vegas in years! I feel like I would enjoy it more now than I did when I was 17. I should plan another trip. :)

      1. You should! I think there's a lot to do for all ages, but it's a different experience once you're legal age.

    10. I'm a mac girl through and through, but the idea of having a full laptop that can act like a tablet is pretty nifty! Also-- never ever ever pay full price for a buffet. You are so right.

    11. The only time I've been to Vegas, I was 16. I need to go as an adult. It's on my and my husband's list but for whatever reason, we just never get around to going. I blame the child.

      I love the idea of a laptop that can act like a tablet although my iPad mini was free so I'll be sticking with that for now. Because I am also cheap.

    12. ah i love vegas and haven't been in a few years. that laptop looks so cool!

    13. vegas is always so busy and sleepless that at the end of your trip, you're just ready to get the hell out of there!! but it's always a blast! remember the bus of hammered people ok? best $2 you'll ever spend. oh, and the beef welly at ramsay's Steak. my husband was just talking about it over the weekend again!

    14. Your trip to Vegas will be epic indeed :) And I also packed lightly but it kind of backfired since I bought people here stuff so needed a larger luggage on the way back which is fine since it was free to check in ;) #winning. Nice laptop - I feel HP is more suitable for printers so I wouldn't buy a laptop made by them but I'm sure it works just fine :) woop woop! Have fun packing and finding last minute deals Stephanie! Take Care -Iva

    15. ah so jealous of your impending warm weather and frozen drinks vacation. and i have totally already planned what i am packing for europe, and we are going in june. and i might have had it planned like.. um april last year. don't judge. lol.
      i like that the laptop can be used different ways - but i am not a fan of tablets! weird, i know.

    16. I am in almost desperate need of a new laptop. I'm looking for one along those lines.

    17. Oh man I wish I had a vegas trip in the works!! I love the concept of that laptop!!


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