'If I Had Money' Wish List

hello hello not entirely perfect readers!! i'm lauren, and i blog over at lot 48! at my blog, you can find incredibly random things, from who would play me in a movie to posts filled with kardashian gifs to make fun of them because i kind of love them because they are so ridiculous and are so out of touch with reality.  you will not find recipes (well, rarely) DIY projects, fitness crap, or fashion posts.  not my jam.  i just like to have fun and write about things that will hopefully make you smile. 

i am so happy to take over steph's blog today! i'm so excited that she is in vegas! i was just there! you can read about my weekend here! it was so much fun! 

today i wanted to talk about my wish list for what i would do if i had money.  money is nice.  and having a lot of it would be even nicer.  there are so many things that i want to do and see, but you can only do it if you have money! 

the #1 thing i would want to do if i had money is travel to these places. the thing about me and traveling though, is that it is verrry exhausting.  so i like to go slow.  i would want a lot of time in each of these places so i could relax and see everything.  i went to san francisco a few months ago, and when i woke up on the last day to get on the plane to go home, i nearly started to cry because i was soooo exhausted. we had packed so much into so little time, i didn't remember being so exhausted ever.  so if in the future, i would want a good chunk of time in each place so i wouldn't be cranky from exhaustion. 

each of these places are just so gorgeous and appealing and i have always wanted to go!! what are some places on your bucket list that you want to go to? 

a house. my husband and i live in a tiny little 600 square foot apartment right now and i am aching for a house.  we are a few years away from getting a house, but i really can't wait until we get one.  we go to the parade of homes every year so i can fantasize and drool over all the gorgeous million dollar homes and pretend for just a second that i live there. 

i would throw dinner parties! once when i was living with roommates in a house, i rented nice dinnerware and a big table and hosted a dinner party with my friends and it was so much fun! i love to entertain, but there is just no room in the apartment to have anyone over.  and hosting is pricy.  when i hosted that dinner party, i had to pinch pennies to pay rent the next month.  do you like entertaining? 

i would buy out the entire store of charming charlie.  this is my favorite store and i work in the management office of a mall that has charming charlie and i walk buy it every day and i have to exercise such self control! i love how they have necklaces, earrings, purses, bracelets for each color! and everything is so bright and fun! it is such a fun store! 

what would you do if you had money?

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  1. Lovely to meet you Lauren. :)

    Santorini is gorgeous! Greece in general is beautiful. Mykonos is also a must-see.

    I'd love to go to the Galapagos and the Maldives.

    Love this post idea. I've opened your blog on another tab - you seem like a fun, happy chick and exactly what I need in life. :)

  2. I've never been to Charming Charlie even though one just opened near me. Greece is on my travel list too!

    We did the tiny apartment for five years before we bought our house and started entertaining. It was worth the wait!

  3. Oh my, what a great list! Love that house, gorgeous... It's funny because I have thought about this way more than a normal person should. My answer would have to be to TRAVEL THE WORLD, stay in the Cinderella castle at Disney, buy my own island (Richard Branson style) so I could be a hermit in a beautiful place and invest in my daughters future.

  4. i think i'd spend all of it on travel and save a HUGE chunk of it! always fun to see what others would do! like your picks Lauren!

  5. I'm with Helene. If I had money, I would spend it all on travel and see the world!

  6. you sound just like my husband! he would make me save it all and not let me spend a penny of it!

  7. travel travel! but not too much to be super exhausting.

  8. yes! stay in the cinderella castle at disney! that is genius!! love your plan!

  9. i hope it's worth the wait! i can't wait for the house! i want one so badly!

  10. oh thank you you made my week!! that is so nice of you to say!! it is great to meet you as well! i would love to go to those greek places as well! greece is so beautiful!