The Best iPhone Apps

 Hey there, Not Entirely Perfect readers!  My name is Rachael, and I blog over at The Rachael Way!  I write about my life living abroad in China (!!!), blogging, travel, and posts from the heart.
just chilling on the great wall! ah!
 Living abroad means that I need to feel connected to my friends and family at home even MORE than I feel I need to when living at home!  (Living 12 hours ahead presents plenty of problems on its own).  As embarrassing as it is to admit, it's totally true that my iPhone keeps me connected and in touch with what is happening.  Today, I'd love to share some apps that make my little world go round!

Instagram & Afterlight
Let's be real here, who isn't addicted to Instagram?  It's seriously awesome!  I love that I can share quick snippets of my day to day life in China (there's some weird things that happen over here, just saying.)

Even though Afterlight costs 99cents (boo!), it's worth it.  Don't you hate it when you take a picture and the lighting is just a little off?  Afterlight can fix that for ya (among many other cool features that I have never taken the time or effort to figure out, #justbeinghonest).

I spend a big part of my day reading articles, whether for work or for leisure.  Whenever I find an article I want to reference later, I will store it in my Pocket!  This syncs with my computer and phone, and then pulls the articles into the app seamlessly for offline reading.  Great if you need to reference a recipe when you are offline.

Yes! Daily
Yes! Daily has become my favorite way to start the day.  The app costs 99cents, but is worth it.  Everyday, there is a different reminder for something you should say yes too, whether that is forgiveness or cheese.  It helps me set the mantra for the day.  Into it.

Whoops, I kind of cheated because this app automatically comes on your iPhone, but I'm super into podcasts lately!  Here are four you need to download.

Okay NEP readers, we all love Steph because she's an organized BOSS.  I tell ya, this app keeps my personal, professional, and blog life organized.  It's basically a digital notebook with different sections that syncs with your phone and computer.  I posted about it here, but I have a notebook for all things blog, all things work and all things travel.  It's awesome!

Trip It!
If you're a frequent traveler, I can not recommend this app more!  Every time you get emailed itineraries for flights or hotels, you simply forward them to, and it will go into the app!  It's great to use if you don't have wifi and need to remember your flight number or address of your hotel.

If by the off chance you ever visit Shanghai, China, you NEED to download SmartShanghai!  You can find the address (in Chinese) to any restaurant or activity you could imagine in the city, as well as including ratings, the metro map, and more.

Now tell me, what are your favorite apps?  Be sure to say hi on twitter or visit the blog! xo


  1. Micah @ Unabashedly MeApril 23, 2015 at 9:57 PM

    I haven't heard of a bunch of these apps. I like the Yes! one and the pocket one. I might have to see if they're on Android.

  2. The pocket app, such a great idea I need that app!

  3. I definitely need the pocket app. I'm going to check out your podcast picks!

  4. Ohhh I'll have to try pocket and daily! Thanks to Rachel!

  5. oh these are awesome!! need to look into these!

  6. I just downloaded Afterlight (again) at your suggestion. I had it a long time ago but I'm willing to try it out again. And I'm about to read your One Note post to see what that's all about. Thanks! :)

  7. Wish I had known about TripIt 2 weeks ago... definitely saving that!!! Need to check out Pocket, too... maybe it's easier than my current system (which is stupid)...!! Thanks!

  8. I have been so addicted to my iPhone and apps. I love podcasts so much right now.

  9. I hope they are! Thanks for checking out my post!

  10. It's great for "roundup" type blog posts! (Like my internet awesomeness series!)

  11. I know it costs money (which is annoying), but it's totally worth it to me! Hope you like!

  12. You're welcome! Glad you enjoyed!

  13. Me too! Loveee podcasts lately!

  14. I use Afterlight a lot! Perfect for adjusting for poor lighting.