Confessing More Unpopular Opinions

May 20, 2015

yeah... not the first time i've talked about my unpopular opinions on this site.  ah well.  on to the confessing, because that's what happens on wednesdays:

- in a similar vein as that post, yes, it costs more to execute someone then it does to keep them in prison for life.  however, that's not a reason against the death penalty, that's a reason to streamline it.  and if we can please start executing animal abusers, i'll press the button.  i know my mom is going to say 'two wrongs don't make a right' and to that i say 'no, but it does make it even.'  and i'm a lawyer.  and ocd.  i like even.

- i don't like stitch fix.  i mean, i understand the appeal - no malls and crowds, a surprise at your door, someone picking stuff out for you.  and i've seen bloggers post adorable photos of themselves in the things they got.  my girl meagan comes to mind.  but i could never do it.  maybe i'm just more picky than others?  i don't like other people picking my clothes.  also, the price.  holy bananas.  you could spend on a stitch fix in one month what i spend on clothes in an entire year.  (in case you're wondering what that number is, like $200.  maybe.  i dunno, i haven't added but i rarely clothes shop and when i do it's (a) with gift cards and (b) on the clearance rack and/or from target.  or the thrift store. anything nicer i own is because my mother bought it for me for christmas.)  anyway, i think my feelings towards stitch fix is the same as everything else in my life - i'm too cheap and i hate surprises.

- how do people live making every. little. situation a big issue regarding politics, social economics, race, etc? there's legitimate things out there to worry about, and then there's spending every moment of your day being an activist for 4000 causes, including whether or not the guy who dropped a gum wrapper on the north side of the street did so because that was the poor side, and lord knows the city only cleans the south side of the street because that's where the rich people are. come. on. isn't it exhausting? can't you just look at a puppy and smile for 2 seconds of your day, and admit the man dropped the gum wrapper because he's a lazy fuck?  not everything is the perceived slight you want to think it is.

- sour and bitter are the best flavors, and your sugary sweet pink starburst are the worst ever.  give me the yellow and orange ones.  or better yet, warheads.  i miss warheads.

- if i see one more damn loop giveaway on your instagram, i'm unfollowing.

- i finally made it through all the seasons of friends.  sucked the whole way through.  i've happily moved on to lie to me, which is fantastic.

- all my favorite shows have some sarcastic, douchey yet enjoyable boss.  like lie to me and house.  i have no idea why that is.

- kids. cost. money.  why do people not realize that?  if you're complaining your life is impossible and you can't live on $20k a year, it's not going to magically improve once you have 3 kids with no salary increase.  it's not exactly rocket science.  you're free to keep on complaining, but quit acting surprised that i refuse to take your calls any more.

- pinterest has been on a crappy kick lately.  nothing new, which is impossible because bloggers put up new, pinnable content every single day.  so why does my feed suck?  maybe i'm just not following the right people - leave me your pinterest link.

- diets be damned, i'm ordering pizza for lunch.  because it's my half birthday and that's what you do on half birthdays.

okay so that last one was just more of a statement than i confession.  what unpopular opinion do you have today?

Choose Your Own Adventure [Link Up]

May 7, 2015

i can't believe we're almost to the end of these link ups.  may is the last month!  in case you weren't aware, the theme for may is 'read' and don't worry if you haven't started yet, because i haven't.  this month's challenge has my co-host's name all over it.  ever since law school 'read' has been nowhere on my radar.  i'll try my sincere hardest to read something not-work related this month.  but more on that in a minute.  first, how i did in april when the theme was finances.

how i did:
1. continue on my spending frost, at least until vegas.  i'm hilarious.  no.  notice how there was no april spending recap?  because it was dismal.  i didn't even track it much, just kept buying things.  fail.
2. try to keep a cap on the vegas spending.  shockingly, this went great.  i was under budget for vegas, and i didn't even win anything.  pass.
3. cut down more on vegas costs by being frugal with the stuff that doesn't matter.  like bringing my own brita water bottle and snacks.  indeed!  we hit the walgreens as soon as we got there, to get things like beer and sunblock.  the essentials.  we also saved money while we were there on things like food and liquor, but more on that in a separate post next week.  pass.
4. try not to go too crazy on april 27 - hawkeye's 6th birthday!  i didn't do too bad!  she pigged out on taco bell, but i didn't even get presents.  she got all her favorites that she usually can't have - tissues, chap stick, and john's socks.  it was a bonanza, and a frugal one at that.  pass.

alright on to may.  read.  i wish i had it in me to read more, i really do.  i used to love it.  i even majored in english.  (and poli sci and you read a lot there too.)  but as with everything you have a love for, law school crushed my love of reading.  and my soul.  so i haven't read much in the way of actual books in quite some time.  it would be foolish to put something like 'read 10 novels' on this list when i'll surely fail, so i'm keeping it short and simple.

1. read (and comment on) the blogs on my feedly.  at least once a week.  blog reading is reading.
2. read eat to live which i actually bought (rare for me, the only books i own are... well, dave ramsey's total money makeover.  that's it.) so i want to completely finish that instead of just skimming like i usually do.
3. assess my online library and amazon ebook wishlists.  i add random things but i haven't put anything on hold at the library in awhile (i just do ebooks.)  same with amazon - wish list it and never buy.  time to actually read the reviews, check out the previews, and commit or delete.

so, how was your finance month?  what are you planning for may?  link up below!

also, the last link up will be the first thursday in june.  steph and i are out after that - we've just got a lot going on.  ashley may continue or tweak it, or give it up altogether as well.  but if you love the idea, take it and run.  you have all our permissions.

general guidelines:
1) if you want, follow your hosts not entirely perfect, life according to steph, and keeping up with ashley and cody.  (i like twitter, that way i can follow you back and tweet you encouragement throughout the challenge.)
2) link up your post about your results below for the month - we want to hear all about what you did, how you fared, what resources you used, what you'd recommend to others, etc.
3) please link to your actual post about your results.  links not having to do with the challenge will be deleted.
4) feel free to use this button, created by the lovely sarah at venus trapped in mars.

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