Everything and Nothing

do you ever feel like you're doing everything and nothing, all at the same time?  is that just the definition of summer?  i feel like i've done a lot, but when i try to really remember what it all was, i'm drawing a blank.  i'm certainly not sitting at home, other than that entire week of being sick and watching criminal minds on netflix for hours upon hours, but i can't quite recall where i've been.  no vacations or road trips or crazy parties.  but seemingly lots and lots of little things.

so what has been happening?

- we're still looking at more houses, haven't found one we're ready to buy yet.  i think we've seen 'only' 14, but i have had more than enough of this hunting business.  over it.  i did extend my lease with my roommate until the end of april.  that gives john and i more time to look and puts her and her boyfriend on the same lease schedule so they can find a new place together in may. 

- hawkeye tried swimming for the first time.  oh, she mad.  but i'm glad she can swim, because john wants a house with a pool.

- i've watched every episode of dance moms.  i cannot quit that show.  i've quit essentially everything else that's not on netflix, since i don't have any tv channels, but i seek out those episodes online.

- i've read books that come in on my library e-book list.  hooray free!  i'm in the middle of bossypants right now.

- i went with megan to the blackhawks rally after they won the cup.  it was pretty fantastic.  we had a ton of fun and drank too much (out drank the boys, we have high tolerances...) and ate a lot of pizza.  which prompted us to start a healthy challenge the day after.  i definitely wavered on the 4th (too much good party food.  and beer.), but otherwise i've been eating better and walking hawkeye more often.  we started a healthy pinterest board, feel free to ask for an invite if you want to pin to it.  we need all the help we can get to meet our self imposed arbitrary goals by our september goal date.  also, megan keeps talking about starting a blog, and i think she should just do it already.  she can't pick a name though.  how did you come up with yours?

- we've seen movies, played mini golf, went to a wedding, pet sat my parents dogs, and taken hawkeye to corner bar.

-  i've had 12 million doctor's appointments.  for being sick, for getting my teeth cleaned, for getting fitted for those invisalign things to straighten my top tooth that moved after i stopped wearing my retainer (bye bye $1800, good thing i didn't spend you on lasik), and most annoyingly for my hair shedding more than an alaskan husky in summer.  i love my hair, so i hate that it's falling out.  it's not my thyroid, it's not my iron levels.  basically there's just no answer, although now they're testing me for lupus so that's fun.  really though, i'd just like an answer.  thank goodness i had a horse's mane of hair to begin with, so no one else besides me and my doctor can actually tell that it's thinning.

- we celebrated the 4th and john's birthday (the 5th.)
the best family photo we could get.

- got my nails done with ida; decided her stripper name.  midnight destiny.  (mine is crystal knox, by the way - first pet + street you grew up on.  ida just made hers up though after a few glasses of wine.)

- i read cait's post today, the last day of her year long shopping ban.  i'd love to make it to a full year, but i've at least drawn up rules and make it until the end of next april, to be posted later this week.

- i did not read a lot of other posts, according to that '248 unread' number looming on my feedly.  that's my goal for today/tomorrow.

- i planned a lot of things - started coming up with ideas for my next 101 in 1001 list, planned for tara to come visit for her birthday, helped betsy plan her next 101 list (and her new upcoming blog design), planned going to visit my college bff.  i really like planning things.

- i finally ordered new sheets, after the pets ripped a whole in my favorite set.  i don't love the back up ones i've been using, so i ordered the ones recommended by steph.  they're great and only like $30 on amazon.  i already forgot what they are so ask her if you need new sheets or comb her monthly recommendations posts, it was on one of those.

- i've hit every day so far on helene's #31photosinbetween instagram challenge.  yes, that's only 6.  but it's an improvement for me!

and now i'm a little shocked it's already july, because saturday was the first warm day of the year.  better get on that summer bucket list.


  1. i feel that way most of the time, though i really don't do a lot of anything so i'm not sure where i get it from. i'm sorry about your hair, i hope you and your doctor figure out what is going on there. if that happened to me.. well, i have less hair than most people have on their eyebrows so that would suck. your friend should totally start a blog, i randomly thought of my name because it's something my nana used to say to me lol. that photo of hawkeye is hilarious!

  2. I can just feel her seething in that photo poor Hawkeye! I agree with the doing a lot so far this summer and can't remember any of it!

  3. I hope you find out whats up with your hair soon and man thats a lot for invisalign. Mad Hawkeye looks sooooo cute though!

  4. i feel the same - so much going on but when i think about what, i draw a blank. i just chalk it up to summer goings on.

    hair falling out -- i thought that was normal? i shed like a cat and always have. maybe i just see it more (all over the house) because my hair is so dark but for real, i should be bald right now. maybe it's been something that's always happened but you just noticed now? hormone levels? more protein? hope you find out what it is and then tell me!

  5. I feel exactly the same. Doing so much, but doing nothing!!! I don't know if I have done as much as you, though.

    When my hair was longer it fell out like crazy!!! But, now that it's short...well there's really not much to fall out! lol

  6. That is so the definition of summer - doing a lot of things but what those things are ... ... ...

    Sorry about your hair thinning and the illness. I hope they figure out what's up.

    Sorry also to HRH but I died laughing at the swimming photo. The rage is palpable.

    I was changing the sheets in the spare room last night and thought man I should just order my favorite sheets for in here. I mean they're $30 and they're amazing. I'm glad you like them.

    Picking a blog name is the worst.

  7. I'm doing the challenge too, of course, I missed yesterday's which was furry friend and basically what all the rest of my instagram photos comprise of. Whoops! I have thin hair too. But, I hope yours definitely is just thinning and is NOT lupus! Good luck with all those dr appointments. Never fun.

  8. Poor Hawkeye, no pool for her.

    I want to read Bossypants but the library keeps sending me other stuff I've already requested.

    I hope they find out why your hair is falling out, my sister has hair loss as did my grandmother. My sister switched to organic shampoo and conditioner with good results.

  9. I'm having hair issues, too. Also not thyroid and iron is a little low but not so low it should cause this. And it sucks! I used to have a ton of hair and now, my hair lady is all like "ummm, what happened here" because there are thin patches. I hope you find an answer and I hope it isn't lupus!

    And I'm also with you on reading whatever I can get free at the library because who wants to pay for more clutter?

  10. I feel like that's the exact definition of summer. Doing everything & nothing at the same time. I feel like I'm constantly doing something as well but it's never anything big. You've done a lot of fun things so far this summer though! I hope you get an answer to the hair.

  11. house hunting is so hard! ahh. i am just renting in nashville and it sucks. 14 is a good number- we looked at 50 in Dallas. hawkeye looks so funny all wet- love it. house with a pool? y'all are fancy! i was told i need to watch dance moms. I'm so pumped you've been participating in the challenge!

  12. I know exactly what feeling you are talking about!!! I can't remember how many houses we looked at, but it was closer to 50. I am sure you guys will find just the right one in time! I am in the middle of Bossypants right now too! I am listening to it on audiobook as I drive to and from work. Multi-tasking at the finest!

  13. I know exactly what you mean. I've done a lot it feels like but really nothing of importance or consequence. Except get a job. That happened. Which is good.

    We looked at dozens of houses before we bought this one and I won't regale you with the horror story because I don't want to scare you but I hope everything goes smoothly for you guys and you find exactly what you're looking for.

  14. I am the worst person to ask about blog names. I have had 3 after all. It took Abbey honestly asking me why everything was covered in cat hair and glitter before the name hit me that felt right. I hate house shopping, I can't think of anything more torturous. I was doing really well with weight loss and then all of a sudden I've backslid.

  15. I am in the hunt for new sheets so I skimmed Steph's post and found the link (http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00AU0G63K/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pC_S_ttl?_encoding=UTF8&colid=1PGOU77N3QEYE&coliid=I26P0N0YEI4D8M) . They do not have a bad review on Amazon and are definitely on my wishlist.

  16. Hahaha she looks like when we made my dog go swimming. He hated every second, but I needed to know if a pool was an option!

  17. Midnight Destiny is an awesome name! With that combination, my stripper name would be Chicago Mia. Eh? Luke loves getting in the water, but only a pond or a lake. He's weird about the pool and he freaks out in the bathtub or with the hose. Obviously that water is different and terrifying.

  18. I use to love Dance Moms, but now it's way to catty and dramatic for me. Plus I miss Chloe and Kristy.

  19. I think you've been up to a lot! Extending your lease with your roommate sounds like the perfect solution for both of you. I'm looking forward to learning more about your shopping ban. Our new apartment is cute but small, so we've been doing a second round of purging now that we've moved and have been making rules for the types of things we're allowed to invest in while we live here. No more cute vintage dishes, for example. ;) I think this will be the apartment that we paint our miss-matched thrift store furniture in so that they look more cohesive, but we're not actually bringing new items into the house. :)