Rewards for Loyalty

with the shopping ban and the saving money in general, i have a lot of ways to get free/cheap things.  one day i'll compile a list, or at least do a few posts on my day to day life to show how much i'm saving and how i still get everything i need.  and some things i don't need, because i totally scored free ice cream 2 days in a row.  everything tastes better when you don't have to pay for it, right?

i'm definitely a champ at getting things for being store/brand loyal.  really, i'm just too lazy to shop around but if you stick with the same, for example, grocery store, your savings in loyalty points and rewards end up averaging out to the same savings you'd get if you drove all over scoring the best deal at each different store.  particularly when you factor in time and gas money.

but you don't need me to tell you about all the ways stores suck you in and then reward you for sticking with them.  you already know.  you get 72 emails from your favorite brands.  you got early access to the nordstrom's sale.  you're a vib at sephora.  victoria's secret probably sends you a christmas gift (no, just my friend meredith?  she really does get a gift from them each year. #addict.) 

so while one day i really will write that post on all the ways to save money and get things for free, today is not that day.  today is better.  "what, on a monday?!"  yes, friends.  yes.

i have paypal money for my readers.  (don't worry, i'm not breaking the shopping ban for you - i got it from swagbucks.)  four winners, $5 each.  plus you only know about it if you read here because i'm not announcing it anywhere else so... that's what it is - rewards for loyalty.  and yeah sure you're like "$5?  who cares?"  but that's $5 you didn't have before and if you're reading this, i'm quite sure you already have one of the entry options.  so no more work required.

just leave a comment telling me which social media site you follow me on - twitter, instagram, pinterest - and you're entered to win.  you can tweet me too if you're too lazy to comment here, i'm not picky.  if you follow me on all 3 tell me that too so you get all 3 entries (but don't leave 3 separate comments because nobody got time for that.)  if you weren't following me before and want to start today, that counts as entries (and as shameless self promotion, but i feel better about it than i do about huge rafflecopter giveaways.)  i'll be writing them all out and then using random number generator to pick the winners.  old school style.  i shall show you a photo next week.  and you can totally win $15 if all 3 of your entries get picked.

thanks for being you.

p.s. i follow back because i have days where i refuse to do any work because my brain is fried so i just scroll social media for an hour.  leave your link(s).

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