5 Reasons Back to School Season is Better than Christmas

is anyone else totally psyched that back to school time is almost here?  i think i love it more than christmas, and i love christmas.  what's that you say?  "why stephanie, you haven't been in school for years, nor do you have kids!"  irrelevant.  i love back to school season.  sure, it's no secret that i do not like summer.  give me winter all year long.  but there's so many more reasons than just the impending arrival of snow in 3 months that make me love the last 2 weeks of august.

1. school supplies!  sure i may be 5 years out of school myself, but who doesn't love fresh school supplies?  planners and notebooks and pens, i seriously love the school supply section (and they're on sale!)  clothes are on sale too, another bonus.

2. tourist season is over.  i know living in chicago i just have to get used to tourists, but i am so glad when they're gone.  so much less traffic and crowds and people standing in the middle of the sidewalk so you can't walk anywhere.  i don't want to do touristy things all the time, but it's nice to be able to go to the sears tower (shut up it's not the willis tower) for the cocktails and free food at salseria for happy hour without trying to dodge all the people in line for/trying to find the skydeck observatory.  yeah you heard me.  free mexican food.

3. it's perfect time for museums and other kid friendly things.  john and i are hitting up the shedd aquarium for sure.  and navy pier.  no kids!  obviously the best bet is week day, during the day, when the kids are in school, but even the weekends in september are significantly less crowded, but the weather is still nice.  maybe the kids have weekend school related activities.  or homework.  either way, no one is scream crying in the penguin habitat and i couldn't be more pleased.

4. the best blog content.  first of all, blogs come back, in general.  summer seems quiet for new content, as if everyone is on a break.  second, it's usually my favorite type of content that comes back.  no, the crap about kids doesn't apply, but bloggers post things about schedules and organization and meal planning and i love all of those things.

5. and my personal favorite, college football!  back to school isn't just for kids.  colleges start back up and that means football.  hawkeye season is upon us, finally!  tailgate time has arrived.

yes we do make good choices, why do you ask?

what about you?  excited about all this back to school business?

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