People I Love

let's just be honest here - most of the time, i can't stand people.  sure i have those that i love all of the time, but people, as a whole, pretty much suck.  crowds of them in particular.  and while i could wax on about all the things people do to annoy the crap out of me, that's just too much for a monday morning (i'll save that for a friday.)  instead, i give you the people that i actually love.

i love people who...

... adopt pets from animal shelters.

... pick up and throw away trash that isn't theirs.

... appreciate terrible end of the world disaster movies on netflix.

... and have seen all 3 sharknados.

... give money to the musicians playing in the subway.

... sleep in on the weekends.

... vote.

... are iowa fans.

... post photos of their planners.

... share cheap and easy recipes.

... understand the importance of me 'pete wilting' every crack machine on the face of the earth (that means getting the entire high score board on the touch screen game naked girls photo hunt.  which, literally, i am the best at.  in the entire world.  period.  yes, pete wilt is me.  it's also my friend from law school who bailed on us to care for his drunk girlfriend and this was our revenge.  now i just can't stop.)

... are fellow hamcats.
... donate.  and volunteer. 

... don't think they're too cool for boone's farm.

... let you go first in line when you have less items to buy.

... post photos of themselves from the 80s. 

... tip well.
who's on your list?

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