Thursday, August 27, 2015

Three on Thursday: Do, Try, or Buy

i'm experimenting with a new post idea.  i was going to wait and post it tomorrow, so it would be a 5 on friday kind of thing but... i thought of 3 things.  and i'm impatient.  and three works with thursdays because alliteration.  so this post, which i hope to make a semi-regular thing, is just like steph's monthly recommendation posts, which i love, and asked if i could borrow the idea for my own short weekly version.  because i have so many quick little things to share that don't require entire posts.  and nothing is ever affiliate linked, don't worry.

my ultimate goal is short weekly posts where i can share my top things from the week to do, try, or buy.  (or read, or watch, you know the drill.)  whether i keep it 3 things on thursday or switch it to mondays or fridays remains to be seen.  i'll get there eventually.  anyway,  onto my 3 for this week:

1. anthropologie lipstick.  which i realize is wildly overpriced but i can't help it, i love it.  (and i had a gift card.)  i got pomelo (left) and azalea (right) and they have a few more very flattering colors.  they have them available to swatch in store, and i'm sure that in store they had at least 1 if not 2 more colors that are not online.  i find them to be creamy, pigmented, smooth, and not drying.

2. 2016 weekdate calendar.  i will actually do a full post on this, but it just arrived so i need to take more photos.  if you're hunting for a purse sized 2016 planner, this one is a lot of fun.  check it out.  and check back here next week for more.

3. i do feel like everyone's watched this by now, but as i was chatting with people it started sounding like a lot of non-bloggers have not seen it.  (and a lot of non-bloggers read my blog, because i may or may not sign up my friends' emails to get my posts in their inbox, without asking them first.  hint: i do.  i'm surprised they still like me.)  anyway, i love this video.  watch it if you haven't.  and watch more of em's videos here, she's amazing at makeup and has the most adorable accent.

and that's my 3 for this week.  i'll have more next week but like i said, the exact format is to be determined.  because i'm busy and very important.  no that's lies, i'm just lazy and i don't totally think things through before i post them.  once i figure out my final format, i'll let you know and if you would ever like to be featured top 3-5 things to do, try or buy, just comment below, i'd love to have you.

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