Monday, September 28, 2015

A 101 in 1001 List Update

i'm officially nearing the end of my 101 in 1001 list.  which is crazy to me, since apparently it's been 817 days, even though it feels like i just started.  i do plan on making another one, though i haven't quite decided the start date for it.  so here's the update.  i think i did really well, and i have more time to finish the last few.

the ones in bold are finished, and they have the date when i finished them.  some i included notes on.
the ones in this purple color are the ones i have not done, and don't think i'll get to.
the ones in this blue color are the ones that i'm confident will happen before the end of the time frame.
and the couple in this red color are ones that i'm curious if you want an update on, so let me knowand there's one i have a question for you on.
progress: 87/101 are done.  9 more are almost done.  which leaves only 5 that won't happen!

travel  (5/7)

1. plan a vegas trip (4/15) - you can read that here
2. at least visit with sarah, somewhere (11/14) - she came into town for my birthday last year
3. visit meredith in california - she has come back here, so it's not like i haven't seen her, but i haven't made it out to cali and i don't think i will.  so many things are different!  you can see #64 for why.
4. see caitlin at some point (12/14) - she came in for christmas, and she'll be in this year as well
5. go to nashville - i was thinking of going for my 30th birthday, but i decided i wanted to stay here and save the money.  so nashville is still on the to do list.  since john and i are buying a house in march/april, it's not a trip i'll be spending the money on just yet, but we'll get there eventually.
6. work on my goal to visit most of the 50 states (17/50) (7/14)
7. take the amtrak somewhere (milwaukee, 7/14)

organize  (5/7)
8. get my apartment and possessions 100% organized (1/13)
9. organize my itunes music and make playlists (7/13)
10. get the apartment on a realistic cleaning schedule (10/13)
11. make sure everything currently in my apartment fits my personal style (7/13) - it's actually quite a bit more minimalist than that style quiz says, but i like it
12. organize all of my photos on iphoto and back them up multiple places (7/13)
13. completely declutter my parent's house - working on it!  i even got the giant playset moved out of the backyard.  we have a few more areas to hit, but it's more than 50% done
14. help mom organize her photos and send them to be scanned- most of them are done, i just need to look through one more time and see if i missed any

learn  (13/13)

15. read all the e-books on my amazon wish list (7/13)
16. watch 101 popular movies/tv series (3/14) - the quickness in which i checked that one off... damn
17. read 101 books (e-books count) (7/14) - since i was able to count e-books, i made it to this one in about a year, which is pretty good for me!  i know a lot of the e-books were way shorter than if i had read library books, but reading is reading.
18. go to a never-before-visited museum (11/13) - for my birthday that year, betsy took me for greek food and then we went to the new hellenic museum that opened in the west loop.
19. take a self-defense class (4/14)
20. take another dabble class (vegan cooking, 2/14)
21. watch all the seasons of a show i've never seen (30 rock, 7/13)
22. learn "two beers please, my friend will pay" in 5 new languages (1/14) - and i still know them!  spanish, french, italian, german, and vietnamese.  currently also memorizing it in polish
23. learn my camera's non-automatic settings (10/14)
24. read an entire book in one day (mockingjay, 7/13)
25. learn a quick makeup routine using favorite products (9/13) - i did a post on this when i first checked it off the list. since then, my skincare needs have changed (hellooooo turning 30!) and i went through and switched to all totally cruelty free brands.  do you guys want an updated post on this?
26. research donating bone marrow, and sign up to donate (7/13) - just had to send for the kit and do a home cheek swab and send it back (all free) so i'm all signed up!
27. complete a fitness challenge (30 day shred, 4/14)

shop  (10/10)
28. buy luxurious, fancy bedding (1/14)
29. find a signature fragrance (jewel by mark, 7/13) - they don't make this any more, but i still have mine that i love.  guess i gotta find a new one again!  do you have any favorites?  where do you start looking for a good fragrance?  i never shop for this stuff!
30. find a signature style/brand of jeans (ae skinny kick, paige skyline, 7/13) - i haven't been wearing the paige jeans much.  i like ae jeans, even though i'm too old to shop at ae.  i just like the way they feel and they last forever.
31. find a really perfect cross body bag (7/13)
32. fully decorate my apartment in my style (2/14)
33. get everything for a well-stocked home bar (2/14) - i did, in the old apartment, and then when i moved i got rid of my bar cart!  i just didn't need it.
34. invest in good makeup brushes (a gift from sarah, 11/13)
35. upgrade my phone (11/14) - my parents got me the iphone 6 for my birthday last year
36. go shopping on michigan avenue at christmas time (12/13)
37. hire a cleaning service for my apartment once (3/14) - we hire them regularly now actually!  worth it.

food  (6/6)

38. try 5 popular chicago restaurants (geja's, shanghai, tanta, parthenon, la scarola, 11/13)
39. make perfect chocolate peanut butter fudge (12/13) - it's just 3 ingredients, i posted the recipe here
40. learn to make my dad's pasta sauce (11/14)
41. make glitter cupcakes (11/13)
42. decide on a long term healthier eating plan i can maintain (2/15) - i did earlier this year and was doing well at it, but i've been eating more crap lately.  gotta get back to it.
43. go one month without getting fast food (2/14)

personal  (7/13)
44. get to my goal weight - i do think i can check this off by the end of the time frame
45. keep nails nicer with monthly or bi-monthly mani/pedis (6/14)
46. figure out a skincare routine (10/13) - like the makeup, i did a post on this back when i checked it off.  but now i have rosacea in my cheeks and much drier skin, so i had to change everything up. and pick all cruelty free things.  do you care?  should i do a new post?
47. finally get my silver jewelry cleaned (7/13)
48. straighten my teeth (with that retainer i stopped using...) - the retainer broke, and now i have invisalign.  they'll be straightened out probably by christmas
49. whiten my teeth - i'm doing it more naturally (so no in office crazy whitening tricks) so it takes longer, but i see a difference and i'll definitely keep going
50. move into a more permanent living situation - this will happen in march/april!  since the list ends in march, i might not hit it right on time, but shortly after definitely counts
51. get a brazilian wax (4/15)
52. make my own mini happiness project (10/13)
53. fill my gratitude journal (8/13)
54. decide on a regular workout plan i can maintain (3/15)
55. learn new relaxation tips that work for me (7/13)
56. tone my arms - i feel like meh, not that important to me anymore

hawkeye  (4/4)
57. take hawkeye to a dog friendly hotel for a night (4/14) - the kimpton hotels are amazing for dogs.  seriously, take your dog to one.
58. have a hawkeye-specific savings account for future vet bills (5/14) - she's got her own bank account
59. teach hawkeye a new trick, besides 'sit pretty' and 'twirl' ('high five' and 'kiss', 2/14)
60. downsize her toys and figure out how to keep her things neater (7/13) - she's such a child when i try to declutter her toys.  literally won't touch them for 364 days, but then minute i try to take it out of the toy box to get rid of, it's her favorite toy ever... for 24 hours.  i was able to sneak a couple out, the rest are in a martha stewart toy box from petsmart.

relationships  (6/8)
61. take someone to the shedd aquarium - john and i are going to do this, soon!  our first free saturday coming up, we're going.  we actually tried a couple weeks ago but it was insanely packed so we did the field museum instead
62. watch a day of football with dad (10/13)
63. go to high tea with mom (12/13)
64. celebrate my best friend's wedding - when meredith moved to cali at the start of this list, her boyfriend bought an engagement ring.  instead, she got pregnant and had a baby in march of this year.  he still hasn't proposed!
65. take photos in a photo booth with john (9/13)
66. give all clutter-free gifts one christmas (no stuff) (12/13)
67. start and maintain a complete address book and birthday list (10/13)
68. (let her find out i'm dating her brother and then) be civil with julie (9/13) - we actually get along pretty well!  she lives in cleveland now, so that helps.

finances  (5/6)

69. get a new job - another one i don't totally care about any more.  i did get a raise, so i haven't really been searching for new jobs
70. figure out how to budget (4/14) - i use ynab and i love it
71. start a savings account (4/14)
72. pay off student loans (2/14)
73. pay off all other debt (4/14) - i'm debt free!  have been for over a year, it's awesome
74. save for lasik surgery save for ?after witnessing john get lasik, i'm positive i can't handle the aftercare and decided it's not for me!  the savings are now for the question mark fund - i'll decide later, but i'll still saved what lasik would have cost. (4/15)

entertainment  (8/9)
75. learn a new party game (jailbreak, 7/13)
76. tour a brewery (10/13)
77. make every drink on my cocktail hour pinterest board (2/14)
78. party at northalsted market days (8/13) - and 8/14 and 8/15 - i haven't missed it!
79. host a holiday party (7/14)
80. celebrate my 30th birthday (11/14)
81. find favorite red and white wines (apothic and cupcake, 7/13)
82. plan another bar crawl or themed party (4/14)
83. tailgate for an iowa game - tara is coming here october 17 and we'll be going to tailgate at northwestern!

quirky  (9/9)
84. visit some place that's supposedly really haunted (10/14)
85. dye the tips of my hair a fun color, like pink, just once (10/13)
86. go to a psychic/tarot card/palm reader (6/14)
87. decide if i really want that tattoo, once and for all, and get it if i do (nope. 9/13)
88. try at least one thing from each of my pinterest boards (7/13)
89. get it over with and stand on the glass ledge at the sears tower (12/13) - i did this with tara and it was fucking terrifying.  never again.  i almost peed my pants.  she had actual tears.  it was bad.
90. make awesome matching halloween costumes with tara (10/13)
91. go ice skating (12/14)
92. play trivia at a bar (7/13)

blog  (3/3)

93. host a 'bucket list progress' link-up at least once (7/13) - i did a couple, it was a monthly thing.  but then i gave up because i'm just not good at hosting link-ups.  it's too much work.
94. try some of the ideas on 31 days to a better blog (7/13)
95. send a care package to a randomly chosen person who comments (8/13)

secret goals  (3/3)

96. win my march madness bracket (4/14) - i dominated.  i kicked everyone's ass.  i picked the correct final two teams - kentucky and uconn.  they were the 7th and 8th ranked teams, so no one else had them in their final four, let alone final 2.  it's my personal claim to fame.
97. celebrate 1 year with john (4/14) - check!  and year 2.
98. be in another winner's circle photo with our horse (9/13)

the list  (2/3)

99. save my change for 1001 days (10/14) - i stopped using strictly cash so i went with the change i had already been saving since before the list started.  it ended up being about $200.
100. celebrate when this list is completed - this one will definitely get checked off, early.  i'm close to done and i want to celebrate with betsy, who just finished hers and started a 2nd one.  and by celebrate, i mean play the crack machine and get her a shot of absinthe.  so we'll be doing this the next time she heads into the city
101. make a new list when this one is almost done (4/15) - my new list isn't totally finalized, since i have time still, but i came up with over 101 new ideas for the next list!

and there's my update!  i'm kind of excited to start the next one, but not until i'm sure i've checked everything off this list that i can.
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