Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Cruelty Free Hair Care

let's just call it like it is - most of the drugstore, famous brands of shampoo and conditioner are not cruelty free.  you know it, i know it; we wouldn't be here if garnier fructis and herbal essences would get their shit together.  but hair care companies seem to like to test on animals even more than cosmetics.  i don't know why.  regardless, i'm going to try to give you all my favorite brands at various price points to help you out.

this post is a two part-er.  after i posted about my cruelty free makeup picks, a lot of people expressed interest in other ways to go cruelty free.  namely hair care and skin care.  these are pretty big topics.  tougher than makeup even, because there's just so many brands and so many different types of products.  obviously this is the hair care one - for skin care picks, visit Life as Louise, who's helping me out today!  she's been doing the whole cruelty free thing since high school, and just recently explored new skin care options for herself so she's sharing all those with you today as well.

alright so hair care.  i tried to make this a pretty broad list, giving you lots of different types of products and brands.  trying to get as many people as possible to make the switch to cruelty free, of course.  i will have a separate post on just what i use to get thick, fluffy hair, since a lot of you mentioned that you want to know!  i also realized how weirdly specific my hair care routine is (i use 3 different shampoos in a given week...) so i thought it deserved a post all its own.  so 'tips for thick luscious hair' coming soon.  i can't give an exact date because work has been killing me the last few months, but soon.  within the next 2 weeks.  promise.  in the mean time, this list should get you started.  if you have a must-use type of product that i missed in this list, let me know and i'll give you some recommendations.

shampoo: i love lush.  i mentioned big before, it's amazing.  lush has a lot of great shampoos, i'm a big fan.  expensive, but worth it.  i've tried the many different kinds from them and haven't had any duds, so if you're looking into their line, i don't think you can go wrong.  for drugstore?  mane n tail.  it actually doesn't show up on the cruelty free sites, though i don't know why - it's not tested on animals.  at least, not in the cruel way you'd think of.  it was originally made for show horses, for their manes and tails, hence the name and the picture on the bottle.  and then humans used it but they don't test it in a lab on ponies and they don't sell in china.  so it gets my stamp of approval.  and it's really good.  if you're on a budget, start here.

conditioner: pureology.  that's what's up and i'm not even going to pretend like there's anything else.  you want stuff that works?  get pureology.  it's going to be like $25 for a regular sized bottle of conditioner but sometimes, you just go with the best and they're the best.  i use their shampoo too.  drugstore?  paul mitchell or jason.  (i cannot even fully express my love for the jason apricot conditioner.  it smells like happiness and makes my hair so shiny but not greasy.)

leave-in: unite!  i swear by unite 7seconds and i always have.  my hair can get really tangled and knotty after a shower, particularly when i use a clarifying shampoo, so i have to use a leave in conditioner or detangler.  unite is expensive, but it's my favorite.  it's also a really good brand for other hair care items.  other brands that work (i've tried them but always come back to unite, take that for what it is) are: shea moisture - so many types for different kinds of hair!,

hairspray: this is a new category to me, because i never needed hair spray before my hair started falling out.  i went out and got giovanni and it's really been working for me.  the rest of their line also gets very good reviews, though i have not tried anything else yet.  andalou also worked for me, and the kenra 25 seems to be a cult favorite, though i do find it too strong hold for my taste.

frizz tamer: kms is amazing at this.  their anti humidity hair stay is so good, even if the frizz issue isn't totally humidity related.

root lifter/volumizer: southern belle mousse from drybar works really well on my hair, without making it too texturized or dry.  i'm also a fan of the rock your hair line when i'm in hair panic mode and want all things volume.

dry shampoo: kenra has a ton of products i love, including their dry shampoo.  they're pricey though.  batiste seems to be the drugstore one everyone loves - they are cruelty free, but they are owned by a parent company that is not (just like i mentioned urban decay in the makeup post.)  so that's a judgment call on your end!

as i was writing this list, i realized just how many specific items exist to make your hair do what you want.  it's crazy.  so i couldn't get into every single one - it wouldn't be fair to list something that i can't personally vouch for.  like sea salt beach wave spray; my hair is too thick so i can't use it, it just makes it knotted and gross.  so if you have any go-tos for cruelty free hair care, leave them in the comments so others can check them out too.  the brands i listed are really great and have every hair care item you could need that i left out, so i would trust those.

but if you're still curious whether your favorite products make the cut, there is something else i wanted to mention - phone apps!  download bunny free or cruelty-free.  (at least one of those is android compatible, and both work for iphone.)  they list all the companies so you can search for your brand.  and you can scan bar codes, so you can see right in the store if it's cruelty free or not and make your purchases accordingly.  what a cool feature.

and of course, go check out the cruelty free skin care picks!

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