My 2016 WeekDate Planner

just feeding your never ending planner addiction, it's what i do.  2016 is coming!  if you've been around these parts for over a year, you'll have seen these mentioned before.  for the new comers - this is the planner than lives in my purse.  the weekdate.

"you taunt me.  this is not food."

okay so here's my macbook air, it's the 13 inch one.  i feel like it gives a good size comparison for you (because stuart the cat is a fatty), even though the lighting in my room is less than stellar.

and here's why i love it so much:
1. the price.  no shelling out $60+ for a planner here.  you can even get a discount currently (more details later.)
2. the size.  i cannot carry giant planners in my purse.  it's too heavy and impractical for commuting to work.  this is so lightweight and thin, but at the same time, my pens don't bleed through (pens, pencils, and staedtler trips have all been tested.)
3. the setup!  even though it's small, the inside really packs in what you need.

the top part is the 'monthlies.'  say you always have book club on the first tuesday.  or you (like me!) put up the same type of blog post on the last or first day of the month.  that's where you'd note it.  so you only have to write it one time and you're done!  similarly, the bottom flap is the weeklies.  i note there my cleaning schedule for the apartment and my blog post schedule.  which is currently only consistent with the three on thursdays posts, but hey.  baby steps.  and in between is the actual calendar part.  i know it's kind of weird when i explain it, so i highly recommend watching their video.

1. given the size, there's not a ton of room to write.  so super detailed people aren't going to love this.  this doesn't apply to me, since there's the weekly and monthly area where i can write things once and be done and not take up planner room.  also i find that if i make lists or need to write something extensive, i end up doing it on my phone.
2. shipping international.  it's a hefty price tag for canadians, i'm sorry!  i think that's true of all planners going up your way, right guys?  i know, i know.  i'm sorry i don't have better news.  it does come in a sturdy box with the free pencil, if that makes you feel better.  but it is a lot to ship to canada, and other places outside the u.s. 
3. it will get a bit beat up by the end of the year.  it doesn't have that plastic-y stuff that the EC or plum papers have, but it is a thicker cover - like the outside of a tissue box.  i don't know, it's the first thing that came to mind.  and now you totally know what i mean, don't you?  anyway, if you're tossing it in and out of your purse like i do, the edges will show wear by the end.  that doesn't bother me but i know some people care.  it will not rip, by any means, but yeah, you'll see the color start to peel off a bit at the edges.

so essentially that was i long way of saying it's a good planner for minimalists and those who love efficiency.  if you're used to those $1 spot suckers at target, it's is a perfect upgrade with a much cooler setup.  you won't forget soccer practice, to pay the cable bill, or to give the dog it's flea medicine!  write it once and you're done, how neat is that?  if you're used to erin condrens and the like, you may not like the lack of extensive writing space and bells and whistles like stickers.

you can get them here.  (and oh hey yes, there's my quote and site there, from the last time i talked about my love for these!)  there's also a kickstarter campaign happening, to help fund more of weekdates in the future.  because it's not a giant company, it's just kay odell being awesome.  the kickstarter campaign would help their small company grow and get the word out on these planners.  and you get the same 2016 planner, at a bit of a discount!  there's an exclusive different cover you could pick too.  planners, discounts, small business support, what's not to like?

i really love these for carrying in my purse.  and for someone who has a good schedule going, or wants to get one going (weekly cleaning tasks, anyone?!), this is a really neat option.  so i say get it!

* i did get this particular weekdate to review, but i've purchased it many times on my own in the past.  it's why i wanted to work with them in the first place, so i could share something i really love.

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