Thursday, September 3, 2015

Three on Thursday

i'm sticking with the 3 on thursday post.  it seems like a manageable number and i love alliteration.  so it's decided - 3 things each week that i just loved.  3 things i think are worth you checking out.  i'm going to try to spread them out (like, not all things to buy or 3 different colored lipsticks) so always check back for the good stuff on thursdays!  alright, this week:

1. bath and body works candle in harvest gathering.  they have a ton of amazing fall scents, but harvest gathering is my favorite of the bunch right now.  i also have leaves and sweater weather, but i'm telling you - harvest gathering is on point this year.  wait until it's on sale, of course.
2. go apple picking and then make these - caramel apple 'nachos.'  so. freaking. delicious. and regular caramel apples are a pain to eat, let's be honest.  this is way better.

3. lush big shampoo.  you want volume in your hair from a shampoo?  this is it.  it's not the easiest to work with (it's in a tub and thick) and i don't love the smell (that might be just me) but it works.  and mid-meltdown, that's what i cared about - massive volume.  nothing delivers like this does.  it's also vegan and cruelty free, of course.  i'll absolutely share the rest of my volumizing hair care line but this - this is the magic ingredient.

and that's that.  i'm having trouble stopping at 3 during these first posts, but i know in a few weeks i'll be happy i didn't give away all my favorites too quickly!  enjoy the rest of day 4 of the hostage situation.  i mean, thursday.  the weekend is almost here.
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