Three on Thursday

1. talenti gelato in tahitian vanilla.  let's be honest here - all gelato is amazing.  and so are all the flavors.  i get the taleni gelato at whole foods and i love good old vanilla.  this vanilla is spectacular, just trust me.  the flavor is perfect and it's so creamy.  also, if you've seen the tip on pinterest and ignored it, storing your ice cream container in a ziploc bag in the freezer really will keep it frozen but soft enough to get your spoon it.  i was a skeptic too, but it works.

2. anastasia beverly hills lip gloss in black cherry.  these are majorly hyped (at least the liquid lipsticks are) and to be honest, i didn't love them originally.  the lipsticks did a weird crumbly thing and the gloss, at least in the lighter shade i originally tried, did this inside the lip thing where it kind of caked up.  it was weird.  definitely not worth the price.  but they've been reformulated.  i don't know if there was an official announcement about it, but if you check out the youtube reviews on the new fall lines, everyone agrees that they're different and those problems aren't happening anymore.  so i got the black cherry and i love it.  it's totally dark and vampy and perfect for fall and also reminds me of the 90s.  no weird caking.  it's awesome and i love it.  i prefer glosses, even if i have to reapply after eating/drinking, but there's really nice dark shades in the matte lipsticks as well.  (though none better than the charlotte tilbury in glastonberry.)
3. diy makeup setting spray.  (a) i posted two options for makeup setting spray in my cruelty free makeup post, because i use it often.  it works.  (b) i'm not really a diy kind of person.  ever.  but this diy makeup setting spray was at my skill level (none) so i figured i'd give it a try and see if it really was a viable option.  i love it!  it works just as well as the ben nye or the pixi stuff.  i mean, it's exactly the same.  plus the pixi stuff is not my favorite scent, whereas i can make this any scent i want (or none at all, which i think i prefer.)  so do this.  save your dollars.

 happy thursday!

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