Chicago Blackhawks 2015 Banner Raising [New Video]

in case you didn't know, the blackhawks won the stanley cup a few months ago.  wednesday was opening day of the new season, so they had a whole ceremony thing for raising the banner up into the ceiling of the united center (with all our other champion banners, holla!)  john's brother ended up getting us all tickets (you'll see him and his girlfriend beth in the video as well.)  i filmed a ton of it, and ending up loving the awesome footage so i decided to add it to my youtube channel.  the video is about 4 minutes long.  i did fun edits and put pictures and music in, so hopefully you like it.  you still get the jist without the sound, for those of you watching at work.  but the sound is more fun.  my edits and photos start at about a minute 40, but the first part is really neat.  they had these light up wristbands at each seat that they lit up during the entire ceremony and game, in different patterns.  you'll see what i mean.  such a fun effect.

check it out on youtube and if you like it and want to see more videos, subscribe and give it a thumbs up.  that stuff helps out, analytics-wise.  i'm still not entirely sure how, i just know it does!

happy friday!

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