Monday, October 5, 2015

My Cruelty Free Makeup 'Collection'

after i posted about all the cruelty free things you can find out there as far as makeup and hair care, some people were wondering what i use specifically in daily makeup routine.  which brings me to today's post/video.  but i put collection in quotes because it's not actually a collection if you ask me.  it's more like the collection of a minimalist who still likes makeup.  does that make sense?

anyway i started typing this post out and realized it's just a lot of information.  because i want to give details on why i like and use the products i do. so i filmed it instead and it still ended up being 20 minutes long!  hopefully you'll watch anyway.

i know not everyone is going to watch it.  or you can't, because you read blogs at work.  so for those people, here's the products mentioned list. (some are affiliate links i'm testing out, but nothing was given c/o.)  not everything i have listed is cruelty free, which i note in the video - i'm using some things up first!  the products marked with a star * are not cruelty free.

e.l.f. Studio Hydrating Under Eye Primer

and the organizer itself is from amazon.  i have a lot of lipstick, i'm aware.  and it does seem like, dang, that's a lot of products to put on your face.  but the fact that i can type all the products out in one relatively unextensive blog post makes me feel pretty good about what i have - i'm not feeling an overwhelming desire to declutter anything.  the day i can't fit everything into that organizer is the day i'll declutter!

let me know if you want to see more videos from me and what else you'd like to see (not 20 minutes again though, promise!)  if you do, thumbs up the video on youtube and subscribe, that helps a lot.  do i have a super chicago accent?!

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