Saving Money on Halloween (and After)

well, i'm past the days of buying store bought costumes.  partly because they're not creative enough, partly because they're too slutty and i'm at the age when i just want to be warm, but mostly because they're too expensive and really, you only wear it once.  i'm a cheapskate, we all know it.  so here's a couple other ways i wanted to share with you to save money this halloween - and after!


buy your trick or treater candy last minute.  i know you're thinking that you'll get a better deal price -wise if you shop early, and that may be true.  but here's the thing - you're going to eat it all and then need to buy more anyway.  don't even pretend like i'm not right.  just buy it last minute and therefore only buy it once.  you'll save money in the long run.

non-chocolate candy is cheaper than the chocolate stuff.

and you can get name brand candy at the dollar store.

if you can hold out and not eat it all, buy the discount candy strategically once it goes on sale on november 1.  things that are fall colored like orange and brown are totally fine for thanksgiving, as long as they don't blatantly say happy halloween on the individual packaging.  a lot of things, like sweet tarts baggies or mini packs of gummy bears, aren't in any sort of seasonal packaging once you get past the outer bag.  these work for stocking stuffers come christmas.

if you're still wanting pumpkins, they're cheaper at the grocery store.  particularly if you have kids who would want to go on hayrides or buy candy apples at a farm.  they're also cheaper the closer it is to halloween.

make your own costume from things you already have.  fill a clear garbage bag with balloons and go as a bag of jelly beans.  or do all purple balloons and go as grapes.  get a few mini boxes of cereal all beat up and fake bloody and tape them to you and go as a cereal killer.  it's pretty easy to find all these and more on pinterest and barely spend a dime.  or try one of the makeup tutorials i'll show you this coming thursday.

go out rather than host a party.  it's so expensive to host.  go to a friend's party or to a bar.  here in chicago, you should never pay full price for anything on halloween - every single bar has specials and wristband deals for a couple hours of open bar!

or just stay home watching scary movies on netflix, with the lights off, ignoring any doorbells.  nothin wrong with that, my friends.

but if you're handing out candy at home, embrace the creepy aspect and turn out the lights (besides any that let the trick or treaters know your house is open for business!)  light your decorations with glow sticks (like using toilet paper rolls with eyes cut out and a glow stick inside, hiding in your bushes.)  saving on your electric bill is still saving money.

everything is on massive sale the day after halloween, as is all seasonal merchandise after a holiday.  stock up on decor or costumes for next year.  halloween specialty stores desperately want to clear out their inventory.

any tips i missed?  share them in the comments!  and have a happy halloween!

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