Three on Thursday [Short Edition]

welcome back to three on thursday, a post of my weekly (and all time) top three favorites.  i titled it short edition this week, not because there's less than 3, but because i'm really swamped and didn't have time for photos or long descriptions!  but i think you'll get the jist of these week's favorites anyway.  check them out!

1. recyclebank this is a website where you do mini quizzes (5 questions, you can get them all wrong) or click through mini slide shows about recycling to earn points.  those points can be redeemed for many things, like movie tickets or store discounts, but i use my points towards magazine subscriptions.  actually, i use them towards subscriptions for my mom, which i always renew around this time so they arrive for christmas.  it takes almost no effort to get enough points for 2 year subscriptions of real simple, martha stewart, runner's world, shape, self - all things my mother loves.  just try it out, it's totally free.  you'll see what i mean when you're there.  very very simple, and hooray for free magazines!  also, it's a pretty awesome company; you can get points for recycling as well and they work with communities and donate to schools.

2. battleship online tara introduced me.  sometimes, you just need a mental break from the work day.

3. books by celebrities.  namely, melissa explains it all by melissa joan hart and down the rabbit hole by holly madison.  they're fluffy reads and i love that, but to be honest, i didn't read them - i listened to them on audible.  because they're narrated by their respective authors, which i find so fun.  if you know of any others that are similarly formatted, let me know in the comments because i'm loving listening to them while i walk to work.

happy thursday!

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