Three on Thursday

and just like that, it's october.  one of my favorite months, because halloween is my favorite holiday.  but that can't be one of my three on thursday weekly favorites, so here are the real ones:

1. cozy sweaters from modern vintage boutique it might start being fall here soon.  notice the might and soon.  it's not yet.  it's still summer.  i've seen a lot of northfaces and ugg boots suggesting otherwise, but it's 70+.  the last two days have been mid 60s though so it's creeping down.  time for cozy sweaters.  i always have good luck with the online store modern vintage boutique.  (with tops.  i think i'm too tall for their dresses, they come up way too short on me.)  i have and love the hoodie with the plaid and i want to get this snowflake sweater.

 how adorable are all the little plaid spots?

2. sidereel if you're not using it, you need to be!  now that fall shows are starting and all.  on sidereel you add all your favorite tv shows to your tracker and it shows what's coming up in calendar view.  it even keeps up when new seasons start (like telling me that the blacklist is on on thursday, which i was unaware of.)  you mark off when you watch an episode, so you can know if you missed any.  and it tells you where online you can watch any episodes you missed (both for free or for subscription services, like hulu.)  you can make different lists of shows, if you have a lot.  it alerts you to new shows starting that you would like.  there's just a lot more than i can explain.  go check it out!  they have a phone app too.

3. foamy the squirrel.  oh this irreverent little asshole squirrel.  does anyone else remember him?  last weekend i was at this 5k race my parents always do with my friend ida.  i commented on the massive amount of squirrels in the park in this one spot (like 30 freaking squirrels, guys.)  and she started talking about 'that cartoon squirrel, he would rant and throw nuts, he talked really fast and his owner was a thin goth girl.'  i was so confused.  now, we've been friends since 2nd grade, so one or the other of us always has memories that the other has forgotten.  usually she remembers things better than me.  she told me i had sent her the links to these videos back when they were new, which was like our freshman year of college.  so that was 12 damn years ago, i don't know how she remembered, but she did.  i didn't, so i went home and googled it and found foamy on youtube and all my memories came back.  i freaking loved foamy, and apparently they're still posting new videos.  his rants are literally what it sounds like in my head, just in case you were wondering what kind of truly terrible person i am on the inside.  so for a good laugh, check out the foamy the squirrel videos particularly on the playlists labelled 'classic' and then the ones called rants or fan mail.  (not suited for those of you who are super sensitive and p.c. all the time.)  one day i will grow up and stop finding ranting cartoon squirrels hilarious, but that day is not today.

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