Three on Thursday

welcome back to three on thursday, a post of my weekly (and all time) top three favorites. 

1. scentbird.  scentbird is like a subscription box but better - you get sent a .25 oz spritzer of perfume each month for $15.  it's about 30 days worth of perfume.  and you get to pick the scent, so it's never a surprise.  if you use my link, you get a free month.  i think it's the second month, so you pay $15 for the first month then get the second month free.  then you could cancel if you wanted and essentially get 2 high end perfume spritzers for just $15.  which is a steal because, for example, they have prada candy and viktor and rolf flowerbomb, both of which are $30 at sephora for the exact same size.  i just got a givenchy one that i love and i have a cartier one coming next.  i highly recommend it!

2. ace pumpkin cider i dunno, it's like 70s here today so is it really fall yet?  i don't think so but it was colder over the weekend so we busted out the ace pumpkin cider.  you can get it at target.  i think it tastes like pumpkin pie but without the super sweetness.  there's a lot of pumpkin beers but they all tend to be very wheat-y, which triggers john's allergies.  all wheat beers do this, but pumpkin ones seem to be worse.  so we go with the cider version for a nice fall drink.  for one or two, and then i switch back to pbr, because i'm a lady.

3. PlanInColor etsy shopif you're a paper planner lover, get yourself some sticker's from erin's etsy shop.  her designs are great, but what i love is that she also has things in normal, neutral colors.  i love color of course, but i can't use crazy ass stickers in my planner at work and expect to be taken seriously.  and she has gameday stickers!  even though my fantasy team is 0-4, the bears are awful as always, at least my hawkeyes are undefeated so i can still appreciate a good football sticker.

i also hired erin awhile to make my blog business cards, so i know she does good work.  highly recommend her.

happy thursday!

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