Monday, November 16, 2015

101 in 1001 (Round 2)

i'm offically starting my next 101 in 1001 list.  well, starting it on january 1.  technically my first list isn't over until march, but the things left on it that i think will get crossed off are mostly just 'wait and see' so i decided to get started on my next list a bit early.  because i love goals, and i love crossing things off lists.  to see the list as a whole and the start and end dates, or keep updated on progress as i go, you can check here or the 101 in 1001 tab along the top at any time.

even though i have a page dedicated to the list, i did want to throw up a post about it as well.  sometimes people are curious about what you picked and i wanted a place to share some insight into a few of them.  not all, so if i missed something that isn't self-explanatory, ask me in the comments.

also as a side note, i got so busy the last few weeks that i never responded to comments on at least 3 posts.  sorry guys.  i thought about doing it today but.... i'm not going to.  i will resume with this post and the other 3 posts coming this week, promise!

001.  Pick which yearly party to host - it's a thing in john's family, having parties for every holiday.  he wants to take over hosting one of them.  as long as it's one that's more focused on the drinks than the food, i'm happy.
002.  Eat at a cajun restaurant for Mardi Gras
003.  Make Easter baskets for the dogs to find - oh yeah, i'm that person.  once we get our house, john's (family) dog thor is coming to live with us too.  and dogs hunting for easter baskets is freaking adorable.
004.  Make red, white, and blue jello shots
005.  Decorate our house for Halloween
006.  Go to a haunted house
007.  Go to Fright Fest at Six Flags
008.  Host Legends of the Hidden Temple Halloween - this is for sure happening for halloween 2016 in case you live in chicago and want to attend.  john and i are team silver snakes, and blue, green, and purple have been called as well.  orange and red are still up for grabs.  what?  you don't make your friends plan their holiday 11 months in advance?  well you're crazy.
009.  Decorate our house for Christmas
010.  Start a new Christmas tradition
011.  Pay for Christmas one year using only Swagbucks
012.  Start a New Year's tradition

013.  Go to the 4 main Chicago museums - i consider these to be the shedd aquarium, the planetarium, the field museum, and the museum of science and industry.  people argue that the art institute would be one, but i loathe it there.  i loathe standing around looking at art in general, to be honest.  i like to touch stuff.
014.  Spend a day at Northerly Island and stay for the fireworks
015.  See a stand up comedy sho
016.  Spend a day at Arlington Park
017.  Try 5 new Chicago breweries
018.  Get drinks at 95th - the john hancock building has a bar on the 95th floor, which i both love and am terrified of.  it's fun.
019.  Go to Lincoln Park Zoo (when the polar bears and penguins are back) - they were building a new habitat the last time we went, so we missed them and they're two of my favorite animals to see.
020.  Do a dive bar crawl around my current apartment
021.  Get drinks at the Trump with Mom
022.  Spend the day on/around Michigan Avenue shopping at Christmas time
023.  Visit the Botanical Gardens
024.  Visit the Brookfield Zoo

Food and Drinks
025.  Eat at SuperDawg
026.  Eat at Omega diner and get peppermint ice cream - i used to go here a lot in high school (with john actually, after his football games) and i swear they have the greatest peppermint ice cream in the world.  we have to go back!
027.  Try 101 different bars and restaurants - it seems ambitious now, but considering we'll spend a day in wrigleyville and hit 6 different bars without trying, it won't be that hard.
028.  Try 101 different beers - there's an app i can track this with.  untapped, i think.
029.  Make alcoholic granita
030.  Come up with a meal planning strategy
031.  Drink green tea daily for 1 month
032.  Be vegan for 1 month
033.  Do the full 6 weeks on the Eat to Live plan
034.  Make (or delete) every recipe on my Pinterest board
035.  Get grocery budget down to what it should be - $100 to $150 per person, per month.  people have said it's $150 now, but $300 a month for two people for groceries seems like a lot to me.
036.  Learn to make iced coffee I like

037.  Declutter everything before moving - i plan on going through each area and filming before and after videos for my youtube channel.
038.  Decorate our home
039.  Paint every room that needs it
040.  Get a new bed
041.  Set up a successful cleaning schedule
042.  Get a 'J' door wreath or hanging initial
043.  Create an organized solution for each area in the house
044.  Set up annual home maintenance calendar
045.  Build a pretty and functional laundry area
046.  Build a cute entryway and front yard
047.  Fence in the back yard
048.  Meet our neighbors

049.  Get parents' VHS tapes onto DVD - i can't even believe they still have some, but they do.  vhs tapes degrade over time so i don't know that they'll even still work, but if they do i'll make sure to get them on dvd.
050.  Go to the mall in Rosemont with Mom
051.  Watch Dad's favorite movies with him
052.  Have a planned date night at least once a week for a full year
053.  Go on a vacation with John
054.  Watch John's favorite TV show (The Shield) and top 5 movies
055.  Have a fun celebration for John's 30th birthday
056.  Have a yearly blog day with Betsy
057.  Film at least one vlog with Tara
058.  Get breakfast food at Ronnie's with Ida
059.  Find one really good present for John's dad
060.  Go to country night at a bar with Megan

061.  Get dog stairs for Hawkeye
062.  Buy a full length mirror
063.  Work a regular cleaning service into the budget
064.  Find my holy grail in each makeup item - i started working on this, just by sorting what i currently own and also testing new primers at sephora and this is going to be harder than i thought.  i don't have many i consider holy grail status!
065.  Find holy grail skincare and hair care products - this may be easier, as i'm really picky about my hair and skincare stuff.  i do already know what i like in a lot of products.
066.  Get Hawkeye's teeth cleaned - i asked my vet and it's like $400+ to get her teeth cleaned.  are you kidding me?  jesus.
067.  Get a treadmill
068.  Order blog business cards - erin designed me super pretty cards and i have yet to actually get on vistaprint or a similar site and order them.  i need to.
069.  Get a fall/winter purse
070.  Find sunglasses I actually like - why is this so hard?  where do you get yours?
071.  Buy a new vacuum
072.  Don't acquire anything new without discarding something in it's place for 1 year

Trying New Things
073.  Renew my passport - i have no idea when this expired, but the last time i left the country was for a cruise post-law school graduation (2010.)  and before that to india in 2005 and the bahamas in 2001.  i didn't get it updated in that time frame, so i assume it's expired by now.
074.  Hit 10,000 steps on 101 different days - as told by the health app on my iphone, because i don't have a fitbit or anything.
075.  Have a $10k untouchable emergency fund - we have a lot in savings, unlike apparently most americans (according to studies i read.)  but i feel like it's all earmarked for something, whether it's retirement or house updates.  i would feel better knowing there's an account with $10k in it, that will be used for nothing but a real emergency.
076.  Get my FOID card and go to the shooting range - firearm owners i.d. card.  i don't know if that's what it's called in other states too, but just so you know.
077.  Completely use up or otherwise get rid of 20 lipsticks - i would like to be at around 15 or so lipsticks and glosses.  which would require me getting rid of about 35.  yikes.
078.  Go one week without wearing a plain ponytail
079.  Go one month without using heat on my hair
080.  Perfect morning and night routines
081.  Try at least 5 money saving DIY projects from Pinterest
082.  Create and use blog and social media editorial calendar
083.  Learn my favorite phrase in 5 new languages - which is 'two beers please, my friend will pay.'  this was on my last list, and i can now say it in spanish, french, italian, german, and vietnamese.  i'd like to add polish, irish, urdu, and maybe greek and swedish.
084.  Work on the Rory Gilmore reading challenge - never heard of it?  check here.  i'd be happy checking off at least 3 new ones.

085.  Pete Wilt 5 crack machines
086.  Make a date night box or jar
087.  Go to a country concert (ideally Florida Georgia Line)
088.  Visit Wisconsin Dells
089.  Write 20 blog posts in 1 weekend
090.  Play glow in the dark mini golf 
091.  Tailgate in Iowa City
092.  Set up a new vanity area with makeup and jewelry storage
093.  Make Hawkeye paw print art
094.  Cull and organize my Pinterest boards
095.  Play trivia at Corner Bar
096.  Make homemade food for the dogs

The List
097.  Help Betsy complete one goal on her list
098.  Donate $1001 to animal shelters over the 1001 days 
099.  Photograph and blog/vlog about at least 50 completed goals
100.  Complete 90% of this list without editing any goals
101.  Celebrate completing the list and potentially make a 3rd

i think it's a good mix of harder and easier goals, cheaper and more expensive, shorter and long term, etc.  fingers crossed!  i'm not worried though, i did well the first time around.  what do you think?  anything i should change before the officially start date?  do you have a 101 list or some other sort of goals list?  link it in the comments i'd love to check it out!
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