Friday, November 20, 2015

30 Questionable Things I've Done in 30 Years

happy birthday to me!  indeed, november 20th, today is the day. 31 years.  that's totally crazy to me.  so while i'm off celebrating (read: getting a cavity fixed at the dentist, working 9 hours, and then going to see the hunger games, what's up adulthood), i decided to collect these gems for you - 30 questionable things i've done in 30 years.  i even got friends' input for this one.  unsurprisingly, very few are from childhood, and most are from college.  nope, nope - most are from law school.  it was a long 3 years guys.

 the year my best friend chris threw my 25th birthday.  and got me the crown.  he's good people.

1. became a cubs fan (#1 because it was the very first - it's a birthright and because it's a horrible disappointment every year and i'm over them.)

(after you check #30, you're going to wonder why i pose like this so often.  i wonder that too.)

2. chiditarod.

3. went to law school.  don't do that.

4. dated a guy from said law school.  don't do that either.  fish bowl.  (but he did have a dale jr. nascar blanket and i don't find that aspect of it questionable at all.)

5. ate m&ms out of a garbage can.  i was a solid... 10 years old.  maybe 11.

6. went to a foam party.

7. spent most of college buying clothes instead of doing laundry.

8. hung out at republic nightclub.  in tube tops no less.

9. tried to get a ride home from a guy driving a pink street sweeper at 3 am.  my friend jeff stopped me.  jeff is posh spice in the above photo, so we're all surprised he made a good decision.

10. played edward 40 hands.  repeatedly.  and after college.  and as a recently as the last time tara was in town.

11. joined a sorority.

12. made my college roommate, manager at burger king, throw me a burger king birthday when i turned 21 and get me all the stuff the little kids get. #chickenfries (p.s., this is the only photo i think i look incredibly young in. and also a little like jamie lynn spears circa zoey 101.)

13. had a shot contest with a frat boy with uv blue and bicardi o.  i still can't even drink orange juice.  (i won by a landslide, in case you're wondering.  and aced a final at 9 a.m. the next day.)

14. had an aol hometown pages webpage and a myspace.  i was born to blog.

15. dance class.

16. skipped summer school macroeconomics and hung out on the lake with cathy until boys we didn't know picked us up on their boat.

17. dressed for halloween as a sexy raccoon.  because that makes sense.  although, the story behind it was because i had wandered off one night and texted tara and that i was in an empty lot and found a cat.  it was probably a raccoon.

18. went snorkeling in the bahamas, like 2 feet from a jellyfish.

19. drove to the university of illinois from iowa, to tailgate with strangers.  i only know the girl to my left.

20. seriously befriended a girl for a summer who was on dr. phil for being a nympho.  she was a lot of fun though.  and had a lake house.  holler, kelly.

21. made 1000 jello shots one new year's eve.

22. and hosted tour de franzia.

23. said yes every time someone's asked me to be a bridesmaid.

24. wore a footed onesie to the tbox bar crawl.  because eventually you outgrow sexy costumes in the cold.  but never bar crawls.

25. tried to pet a opossum.

26. drank massive amounts of surge and then rode my bike with no hands.  scar on my chin will let you know how that one ended.

27. tapped ben wallace on the shoulder in a bar to ask if he played basketball.  (also told jay cutler to his face allll of the mean things i say about him online. #nofilter.)

28. fishbowls.  so many fishbowls. #cantstopwontstop

29. had 13 shots of jameson, that i know of, the day after the bar exam.

30. and everything that led to all of these photos of me, courtesy of betsy.

happy birthday to me indeed.  cheers to still being alive.

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