Wait, What, It's Tuesday?

it's tuesday, november 10 and i have no idea how that happened.  i swear i just celebrated halloween on saturday, no?  somewhere, i lost like a week.  i blame daylight savings.  or something.  where did my time go?

i guess i have been productive, outside of this blog.  put up a post?  nope.  respond to comments?  nope.  plan my 2nd 101 in 1001 list to start january 1?  yes, almost ready.  get all my christmas shopping done and about half the presents wrapped?  you bet!  i have an odd sense of priorities, time-wise.  i'm good at planning things pretty far in the future, but planning the next two days seems to be outside of my wheelhouse.  i have no idea why this is.

[i also bought tickets to the hunger games movie next friday, anyone else?  which also happens to be my 31st birthday.  31, that's crazy.  i am currently working on a post for that day - '30 questionable things i've done in 30 years.'  you're welcome in advance.]

i have been updating instagram, so you can follow me there for your regular dose of hawkeye.  apparently i can't focus on more than 1 social media thing at once - it's either this blog, or instagram, or twitter, or pinterest, but never more than one at a time.  since they all tie together i think that makes me a bad blogger.  in real life i can multi-task, i swear.

although... not really during the fall.  the weather has gotten a bit cooler (a bit, chicago, it's still 50 degrees.  put away the winter coats and scarves, jeez), and when that happens i like to snuggle on the couch with the dog and sometimes john and watch netflix marathons.  i go out more in december and january when it snows and is cold, since i love winter, but fall... it's like spring, it makes my sinuses hurt and makes me tired.  so i guess that's where my nights have been going - get home from work, walk the dog, light a candle, sit on the couch with said dog (+ john if he's not working) and watch ncis.  yep, it's pretty good actually.  sorry online life.  you've been neglected.

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