On the 12th Day of Christmas, Blogging Gave to Me

December 23, 2015

12 beauty gift guides

11 starbucks red cups

10 holiday lookbooks

9 of which are red lips

8 instagram tutorials

7 stichfix referral links

6 fake staged home tours

5 glitter DIYs

4 tirades on haters

3 blanket scarfs

2 bloglovin meltdowns

... and twitter rants about all of the above

merry christmas, stephanie out.  see you in 2016.

The After Photos: Fixing My Hair Thinning

December 10, 2015

if you recall, back in september i posted about having a meltdown over my hair thinning for no apparent reason whatsoever.  that post coincided with my starting the Women’s ROGAINE® Foam, which i posted about here.  i have a ton of information about the product in that post, definitely check it out if you're curious (i interviewed a stylist to the stars to get all the details.)  so at this point i've been using the foam since that last post and a bit before, so i'd say 3.5 months.  a lot of you mentioned that you were considering trying it, and i promised to update you with the progress come december.  so here i am!  

oh, hello there progress.

details you probably want to know: 

am i seeing results? yes, just keep scrolling for more photos! 

am i happy with the product? also a yes.  Women’s ROGAINE® Foam is very easy to use.  i'd just rub it onto my scalp after i showered and let my hair air dry a bit.  that's literally it.  it added no more than 1 minute to my post-shower routine.  i had no reaction or anything - there's no burning, itchy, redness, anything like that.  it was like putting in any other hair product.  it didn't interact with anything else i put into my hair, so i really liked that.  the only downside was washing a tad more often because i didn't want to use dry shampoo.  the foam is most effective when applied directly to your scalp, so if i had used dry shampoo in the morning and then put the foam on at night, i wasn't certain it was being as effective as possible.  so i mostly forgot the dry shampoo in that area and instead washed about every other day.

any weird effects? other than making the hair re-grow in that one spot and making it thicker (it's healthier, thicker hair that's growing in, for sure - look at the thickness at the root), i haven't noticed any other effects.  it hasn't changed the color of my hair or my scalp.  i tried keeping the photos the same as far as lighting, location, time of day, all that (and down to the shirt i'm wearing!), and the same  fresh out of the shower wet hair parted around the same trouble spot.

hooray giant photos of my head.

so yeah, i think that's good improvement for just under 4 months!  i'll definitely keep using it because it's obviously working.  there's that little bit in front that i don't think is totally fixed yet, but looking at old photos of me, i'm not sure it ever was!  but i do love the hair that is growing in, so i'm going to keep going (i can report back in another 4 months if you want!)

as a reminder, i get mine at walgreens but i've seen them all over and even online, so you can definitely find it easily.  it's pricey because you're like 'jeez, not a huge tube!' but each tube lasts 2 months.

i'm a Women’s ROGAINE® Foam believer.  oh and styled hair!  of course you want to see styled hair.  these photos are from the bears game this past weekend.  LOOK HOW FLUFFY.

is there a fluffy hair don't care hashtag?  because that's me right now.  all the volume!  thanks Women’s ROGAINE® Foam!

Products were provided by the Women's ROGAINE® Foam. I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Confessions of a Lazy Blogger and a Giveaway

December 2, 2015

goodness, has life been hectic.  my law clerk is missing at my office, he's been on vacation since november 18 and it has been insane here.  all the work he normally does plus a really crazy case (with a client who, i'll say it, i hate.  hate.  physically cringe when i see his name on the caller id.  not enough money in the world, people.) has meant that i've been pulling very long hours.  well, 12 hour days which can be normal for some big firm lawyers but for me?  i'm used to 8 a.m. to 5 or 6 p.m.  i'm exhausted and i can't wait for the clerk to be back tomorrow.

obviously that meant i didn't post since my birthday, almost 2 weeks ago.  not making any apologies for that - when you stare at a screen for 12 hours, the last thing you want to do is head home and log more screen time.  my eyes hurt.  i have been on twitter and instagram though, so if you miss me you can always check there!  that definitely makes me a lazy blogger, but i'm okay with it.  if you follow me, you probably know that by now already.

we going to blog today mom?  no?  oh okay.

other than working a lot, what have i been doing?

- pet sitting.  i stay at my parents house when they go out of town and watch their 2 dogs.  they've been making their instagram appearances.  and there will be more since i'll be watching them while my parents go to florida from december 13 until christmas eve.
- thanksgiving.  not a big holiday for my family, but i did go eat at an indian restaurant with my parents and one of my best friends, ida.  she's pretty much family.  she brought pie so it wasn't totally tradition-less, and we did get the christmas tree up!
- decluttering.  making room for the new things that will be coming in on christmas.  there's not many things since i don't like stuff and i request candles, but there are a couple things.  and new toys for hawkeye, so i have to get rid of the ones she doesn't play with but she won't let me.  girl is a hoarder.  also working on the cladwell capsule wardrobe thing, it's fun and it makes sense with how i think.  and it's only $10 for 3 months.  i think it'll help when i think i need a top (but i actually don't and have nothing to match it.)
- shopping.  online of course, in store is just nonsense.  and all the black friday sales were online so that's what i took advantage of.  they've actually been online since last monday and many are still going on, which is crazy.  but i love it.  all my gift shopping is done.
- buying healthy food.  want to do a diet bet with me and tara?  we're doing it in december, pretty sure.  to keep off the holiday pounds.  it's only $10, let me know if you want an invite.
- planning.  i planned and scheduled a ton of stuff for the blog for next year.  but not for the rest of this month.  how's that for priorities?  i have 365 tweets scheduled for 2016, yet not a post in sight for the rest of 2015.  balance?  what is balance?  i think i may do like 3 more posts for the rest of this year.  otherwise, i'm on hiatus til the new year.  i need down time.  those christmas and new year's breaks cannot come soon enough.

now, even though i encourage everyone to declutter, i am doing a giveaway.  you can win the lorac riesling romance eye shadow palette and the urban decay ammo eye shadow palette.  it's not really clutter if it's something you can use up, right?  in any event, i'd ship it to you well before christmas so you can gift it forward if you need a sister/bff gift.  and it true lazy blogger fashion, i'm not doing any sort of annoying entering process.  want the prize?  leave a comment below.  comment system not working for you?  tweet or e-mail or contact me some other way.  send a snapchat if you want (stephs1120); though i don't get snapchat at all i do know how to check what was sent to me.  random number generator will pick a winner.  i'll pick a winner soon, probably sunday so i can mail the palettes on monday or tuesday of next week.

happy entering, may the odds be ever in your favor.

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