All Those New Year Things

who else is going to be writing 2015 on their documents for the next 2 months?  no, just me?  anyway, here's all of those typical new year things since i like making goals and i like reading other people's.  if you're as nosy as i am, read on:


- eat out less/less fast food.  i don't really know how to tally this, i just know it needs to be less.  any ideas?
- finish the #minsgame challenge this month.  here's where i posted about it, and it's certainly never too late to join - there's a prize on the line for the person who declutters the most thing.  i have already started and got a good amount of things out, but i do want to see how far i can make it before resorting to counting junk mail or hawkeye's (overload of) toys.
- get to my goal weight.  it's on my first 101 list that ends at the end of march.  not sure if i'll hit it quite by then, depends on my dedication (none.) but i can at least hit it by summer.


- buy a house
- everything on my second 101 in 1001 list.  okay not every single goal, but a lot of them!  whichever i can reasonably get to this year.
- re-read eat to live
- really really really embrace minimalism.  i still feel like i have too much stuff.  particularly in my closet and kitchen.  and i want to do it before moving in with john because i can't convince him to give up some of his 2000 t shirts if i'm still clinging to crap of my own i don't need.  like, why can't i get rid of 1 of my 9 pairs of jeans when i only wear 3?  i don't know.  i don't.  i need to assess that. (and i don't even freaking like jeans.)

so, i guess goals and resolutions are pretty similar?  the difference (in my mind) that my resolutions are more, i hate to say it, negative.  it's like... i don't want to do it, i kind of have to.  i love the idea of decluttering that much, but pushing myself to meet the full challenge is going to be tough.  and the other two just don't sound fun, let's be honest.  they'll be good for me, i just won't appreciate the process.

and finally,

word of the year.  

this always seems harder than the other types of goal setting new years things.  i finally settled on prepared.  which may seem strange to you, what kind of word of the year is that?  but it just works for me for what i want to get done in 2016.  i want to be prepared before things happen.  i like the feeling of getting my christmas gifts bought and wrapped by thanksgiving at the latest and i'd like that feeling to apply to other areas of my life.  i want emergency kits on hand, i want everything scheduled a month before my move, i want blog posts done before the month starts (holla, 210 posts scheduled.  yup.)  no, i can't plan everything, but oh wait i don't have kids yes i can.  i guess another word for prepared would be order.  just having everything in order before something comes up.  i'm giving up the xanax and embracing my ocd.  what could go wrong?

so, what's on your list?  anything you're planning on focusing on in 2016?

EDITED TO ADD: besides the couple of posts that have already gone live, i currently have 250 posts scheduled for 2016.  if you're curious how i do that or how i can help you do something similar, i'm talking all about it in helene's newest course, the blog detox.

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