February Challenges

don't forget that the #minsgame challenge ends tomorrow!  leave a comment (or contact me on social media) if you think you have the most items leaving your place, because there's a container store gift card on the line.  i'll take a photo of my donations to go to the salvation army and post it to instagram soon - it's over 500 things.  which feels pretty awesome.

alright, on to february's challenges.  i still have 'make big changes' energy from the new year so i've planned a couple of areas on which to focus that.

first up, diet bet.  it starts sunday, though i think you have more than just that day to weigh in.  it's just $10, winners (those who lost 4% of their body weight or more) split the pot at the end.  just head here to sign up.  lose weight, win money.  pretty simple concept.

second, it's no spend monthsteph is hosting a wallet watch month, where you can make up your own rules regarding your finances.  she's not doing a total spending freeze, but i am.  since it's diet bet time as well, it's the perfect month to put a total freeze on spending, particularly eating out.  i anticipate only spending on minimal groceries and then normal bills like rent and my train pass, etc.  but weight gain and poor spending choices seem to go hand in hand for me, so it'll be good to have one solid month where i do my best in both of those categories at once.

i also have some things to use up, and no spend month usually helps with that.  if you read yesterday's post, i'm interested in moving more towards zero waste.  i currently have some waste-making things (paper towels, tooth paste, things like that) that i want to use up before trying to make my own products or buy eco-friendly replacement products.  you know, clear out the clutter plus figure out what i exactly need before going on a buying binge for 20 glass mason jars and 36 reusable hand towels. 

and third, staying home a bit more.  most people aren't winter lovers like me and they stay in in january, but i don't.  my friend from law school works in my same building, and we've been going for lunches and happy hours the entire month.  i've also had a lot of weekend plans.  so i'd like to stay home a bit more and get some stuff done around the house.  like finally schedule the salvation army to come pick up all my donations.  i'll also be watching my parents dogs from february 20 until march, so there's a lot to do around my place before that date.  even though february is a month heavy in birthdays for me, i think i can still manage to stay in at least one full weekend.

what are your february goals and challenges?  joining me on either of these?

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