Goal Setting Tip of the Month: Habit Formation According to Gretchen Rubin

if you're still sticking with me for these saturday tips post, you've made it to the final category i plan on talking about each month - goal setting.  and the first thing i wanted to talk about when it comes to this particular category is actually something i've talked about before, but nonetheless still a great place to start when you're thinking about setting and achieving goals of any kind.  and that's better than before: mastering the habits of our everyday lives by gretchen rubin.

i originally read the happiness project by the same author and really loved it.  her writing style is easy to read, though at times she can sound quite uppity or braggy.  i can get past that, because the information contained in her books is really good and pretty interesting.  this book, in particular, focusing on forming habits.  habits are the basis of a lot of goals - perhaps riding an elephant isn't a goal that requires long-term habit formation, but weight loss, healthy eating, being a morning person, and saving money sure are.  they all start with baby steps.  tiny tweaks in your day to day life that'll make reaching your goal that much easier and more realistic.

definitely one of the more fun parts is the quiz offered (because who doesn't love taking personality quizzes?) and you can do that part here online.  it'll tell you which type of habit forming personality you fall under, and then gives ways to use that to your advantage.  the book, of course, goes into much more detail about how each personality (upholder, obliger, questioner, or rebel) can set themselves up for success.  i'm an obliger, in case you were wondering - i tend to only accomplish goals or form habits when someone else is counting on me to do it.  i won't miss an appointment to see my orthodontist, but i also won't wear my retainer until the straight 72 hours right before i have to go in.  but the book offers all sorts of ideas on how to work around that and with it, how to set my goals in a way that'll ensure i start managing to take small steps daily.  it talks about when to start and how to avoid excuses, all things that i found incredibly interesting.

i highly recommend this book for anyone who's looking to set some goals that may take a long-term successful habit or two.  you'll really learn a lot; not just about habit formation in general, but specifically about your own personality and how you can use it to end up where you want to be.  and go take the quiz to start!  which personality are you?

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