My Favorite Winter Accessories

chicago is crazy.  for a lot of reasons, but always for the weather.  it goes from 2 degrees, to 32 and snowing, to 52 and overcast... in one day.  although december was mild (as usual in chicago), january has been cold.  for those of you in similarly cold climates right now, i have for you my favorite winter accessories.  and not just the boring hat, scarves, gloves kind of stuff.


aquaphor.  the healing ointment, not the lip therapy.  this stuff can be used on any dry, cracked skin, but i love it on my lips.  you'll feel better instantly.  i am never without one of these, since i can swipe the sample sizes from my dad's pediatric office, but i also don't find that it's 'addicting' like some chapsticks can be.

i have two lipstick favorites.  first of all, if your lips are suffering from dryness, try the too faced melted lipsticks.  they don't try down like the super matte trend, but they stay so well, have such vibrant colors, and don't dry my lips out.  but if you like the dried down matte option, because it's windy and you don't want your hair streaking through anything wet on your lips and carrying the color wherever, try thebalm liquid lipsticks called meet matt(e) hughes.  this stuff goes nowhere.  it does not budge, i've even eaten pizza without needing a touch up.

jessica simpson coats.  they are really cute and incredibly warm and cozy.  you can get them at macys.  i also love that none of her coats have down, because while i'm sure down is as warm as everyone says it is, i'm also allergic to it and more than that, it's cruel to the bird.  i've had 3 of the coats over the years.  actually still have all 3 and they're still in perfect condition, my mom just bought me new ones so i use them.  they're warm and cute and most importantly, not black.  i loathe black coats, everyone has black coats and they're drab.  (mine are beige, grey, and light pink, if you're wondering.)  i used to get overwhelmed by macy's massive coat selection and finding down-free options, but now i just stick to jessica simpson and i'm good!

fleece lined tights if you haven't bought them yet, what are you waiting for?  they're just $10 at target.  i wear them under my pants on super cold days, so don't think they're just for under dresses or skirts.

nail polish.  i don't do dark colors any more come january, is that weird?  i save them for fall.  i do reds and glittery things in december.  and in january i like pure white or icy colors.  i'm a big butter london fan, so i reach for cotton buds or lady muck.

prada candy perfume.  i get my perfume on scentbird, since it's a little 30 day spray vial and i can try a bunch of stuff and switch out by season.  and it makes it only $15.  if you use this referral link, you get a free month.  they classify prada candy as a fall scent, but i like it in the winter.  it feels cozy to me.  i also use a mist from bath and body works.  they don't currently have the exact one i use, but it smells almost identical to this one.

soap and glory smoothie star body buttercreami always need extra thick, extra moisturizing lotion in the winter.  i've tried a lot of good body butters from the body shop, but my favorite is still the soap and glory one.  it's so soft and smells so good.  i generally shower at night, then use it, and i can still smell it in the morning and my skin feels super soft.

what's on your winter must-have list?

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