yes, i turned my blog name into a hashtag.  that i invite you to use.  if you're an instagram user without all the props and lighting, you may be wondering if your photo is even worth sharing.  it is.

if you want to take a picture of a million colors and not a white rug in sight, i dig that.

if you spilled coffee on your shoes trying to photograph them on a white rug, even better.

if your selfie is grainy because it's dark in the bar and you used the ... gasp... front facing camera, you do you girl.

if you'd just like to post a photo of your lazy dog without spending 40 minutes editing it, heart eye emojis all day.

if your manicure looks like a 5 year old worked on your non-dominant hand, i've been there.  just yesterday, in fact.

use the hashtag #notentirelyperfect and i'll be there, hitting the heart on all your imperfectly lovely photos.  i don't care if your filter is too dark.  or not there at all.  because your real (instant) life is pretty cool too, even if you didn't spend 20 minutes getting the perfect angle or want to post 10 vacation photos in a row.

oh and you can add me at stephs1120, for not entirely perfect photos of hawkeye, my minimalism, chicago, saving money, holidays, and more.  and by more, i mean extra artsy shots of my cans of pbr.  just kidding.  about the artsy part, not about the pbr.  i never kid about pbr.

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