Organizing Tip of the Month: A 52 Week Plan to an Organized Home

welcome to 2016, readers!  it's going to be a good time.  i'm excited.  i just love the fresh start of the new year.  some people don't like january because of the christmas let down, but it's one of my favorite months of the entire year.

this year, i've planned some new-ish things for the blog.  some shorter, some more complicated.  hopefully you'll like what's coming up.  this post being the first of the somethings different - quick tips on saturdays.  there will be different categories coming up, but you can expect that the first saturday of each month will be about organizing.  one of my most favorite topics.

so for the first organizing tip of the new year, it seemed appropriate to start at the beginning - get yourself on the 52 week plan to an organized home!

52 Weeks to an Organized Home

this plan has been totally scheduled for you by home storage solutions 101 (obviously feel free to skip the weeks that don't apply and use that time to catch up or spend more time on a harder area) so you don't have to anything but the actual organizing.  perfect if that happens to be one of your new year's resolutions.  which is very common, you're not alone - last year, it was on about 18% of resolution makers goals lists.  just under weight loss and saving money.

this plan is in it's 5th year so you get the full pdf of what's coming up (free, of course) and you can check back in with that blog each week to see more details and organizing tips.  a lot of people feel overwhelmed when they think about organizing the whole house, but if you follow this plan it'll be broken down into manageable pieces and you won't miss any spaces.  plus you can print it out and skip around if you need to and check off which areas you've completed.

so go check it out!  open the pdf there and click the links, you'll be taken to that week's blog post to get more details on your toughest areas.  you won't be disappointed, and you'll have a perfectly organized home in just one year.  not a lot of time when you think about how many years you've been disorganized.  if you get started, tag me on twitter or instagram and show me your newly organized space.  i love creeping on other people's homes.  like a weirdo.  it's fine.

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