The #MinsGame Challenge [Hint: There's a Prize]

happy new year!  literally right now where i am, since this is getting posted right at midnight.  and seeing as how i haven't posted since before christmas, it feels like a long time since i've been back to this space.  probably feels like a long time for you too, so welcome back.

since january is land of the resolutions, i figured the best way to start my year was with a good declutter.  christmas brings an influx of new things so i like to clear out the old, get the decor into storage, etc etc.  i talked to betsy about doing some sort of challenge, where whoever lasts the longest in the 30 day minimalism game would get lunch/dinner treated.  as i mentioned it, more people were interested in joining, so here we are - betsy and i are hosting a declutter challenge and to the victor goes a prize.  a container store gift card.

starting today, we're playing the #minsgame.  essentially it works like this - on day one, you get rid of one item.  on day two, two items.  all the way up to january 31, when you get rid of 31 items.  (and get rid of means trashing, selling, or donating.)  it ends up being almost 500 items, a major dent in your clutter stash.  but don't worry, it won't be too hard.  think of all the pens, junk mail, broken ornaments, magazines, perfume samples... it adds up.  and think about how much more ruthless you'll be when a prize is on the line.

so join us!  we want to see your declutter.  use the #minsgame hashtag so we can see your progress on twitter and instagram.  tag me in your photos.  start the new year off with a beautifully decluttered house.  (and then beautifully organize what's left with the gift card you could win.)

some basic rules:
- the person who gets the most stuff out of their house wins the prize.  pretty simple!  i'll be following the challenge, 1 on day 1, 2 on day 2, etc, because i know i don't have too much to get rid of.  not sure i'll even make it to day 31, which is why i donated the prize - i know i won't win.  everyone else though, you're in!  if you feel like you want to do it all in one weekend, you can do that too.  what matters is your total count at the end.  which may mean going past 500 items!
- re: sets of things.  it actually counts as two.  say you get rid of a pair of weights or a pair of shoes.  that counts as two items.  but not every individual scrap of paper.  if you get rid of a manual, that's one item.  or a folder of bank statements, one item.  if you have any questions, ask in the comments and i'll answer.
- challenge ends at the end of the day on january 31.  i'll be asking for your totals on february 1.

oh and we're going on the honor system, because i know anyone who's going to be on board for this is a friend.  i believe you if you say you trashed/donated what you said you did.  pictures are always great though, so take a selfie at the salvation army drop off and tag me in it!

so who's in?  let me know in the comments!

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