Three on Thursday

welcome back to three on thursday, a post of my weekly (and all time) top three favorites.  

1. untappd beer tracking app.  i'm a beer drinker over anything (besides peach champagne, of course.)  since i put 'try 101 beers' on my 101 in 1001 list, i needed a way to track them.  i found untappd which is as useful as it is fun.  i just open it and add whatever beer i just tried, but you can also track where you were at and how you liked it, and write in any notes about it you want to remember.  convenient for when you find one you love.  my username on it, as on all things, is stephs1120, so find me and add me.


2. thrift thick makeup reviews on youtube.  if you ever want the most honest and detailed review about how a makeup item is going to perform before you spend your money on it, you must watch cassie.  she has her youtube made me buy it videos and her first impressions videos.  she buys almost everything herself so she isn't catering to a company to say nice things.  she shows you the product from beginning to end - the packaging, her application of it, check-ins throughout the day, and then a review at night.  you can actually see how the product holds up, which i love.  i have never seen such honest and detailed reviews, plus she has a fun personality and cute cat.  win.  she's already done a lot of popular products and is adding more all the time, so make her your stop before making any purchases!


3. disney music on repeat, particularly the lion king.  i'm going to do a challenge with betsy for my youtube channel - the disney music challenge.  where you start a song and one person has just a few seconds to guess the song.  if they can't, the other can steal it.  she is a disney fanatic and i will never beat her but i'm so damn competitive that i will try!  so i've been listening and studying all the songs.  it's hard.  my favorite disney song is 'why should i worry' from oliver and company, but i do love all the lion king songs too.  what's your favorite disney movie and song?  i have to make sure i know it!


happy thursday, friends.

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