Tuesday, January 5, 2016

YouTube Tuesday: My Apartment, Pre-Declutter

today's video is a little tour of my current apartment.  my roommate has moved out, though i still have a couple months on the lease (don't want to bother finding a new roommate in that short time), so all the things you'll see are all mine.  although i've cleared out a lot of my stuff over the years, i do still want to do another big round before moving.  i've started the #minsgame challenge i talked about here - which you still have time to join in on of course - but you'll see i put those things in the spare room, they haven't been moved out yet.  so it's all in pre-declutter state.

not only is it pre-declutter, it's also pre-cleaning service.  i had people over during christmas and new year's time, plus i was with my parents for part of that time making it hard to clean myself.  (and the influx of new things were still sitting out!)  so usually after holidays i have a cleaning service over, and it's worth every penny.  she came over last night and it's much prettier and cleaner now.  but i figured that filming while it was a bit dirtier and more unorganized than usual would make the post-declutter shots seem so much more dramatic.  here we go!

and for those of you at work, i do talk through the video about some things, but you can certainly watch it with the sound off and still see all the clutter.

so what did you think?  more or less clutter than your place?  i feel like my closet is my biggest disaster place right now.  although i have more in the kitchen, it all gets used.  i do plan on getting that closet under control, so i'll be back to share my final count and photos of it all organized!
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