5 Things I Can't Get Over No Matter How Many Years It's Been

- cancelling my so-called life.  one season, that's it?  damnit claire danes.  i still haven't forgiven you.  i'm continually trying to convince john to grow his hair out like 90s era jared leto, to no avail.

- caridee english winning america's next top model.  come on.  why i stuck with antm up through season 7, i will never know, but that was the final straw for me.

- that southern girls dress up for football.  i remember my best friend from high school going to tailgates when she started at clemson and telling me about wearing dresses and heels and pearls and ... wtf?  how do you do a keg stand in a dress?  apparently, they don't.  i don't understand.  iowa is way better at this whole tailgate thing.

- the death of the nokia phone.  i loved this indestructible little bugger, i want it back.  seriously, every phone since has paled in comparison.  my iphone is too delicate with too many useless features.

- that wonderballs stopped being sold because the stuff inside was a choking hazard.  omg seriously if you freaking ate the thing without taking out the prize inside, then go ahead and choke.  that would be called natural selection and the world would be better for it.  i don't deserve to be punished for your stupidity.  (and i don't know what the reasoning is behind getting rid of dunkaroos and koala yummies, but i'm sad about that too.  and don't try to tell me that the koala/panda things at world market or the dollar spot at target are the same thing, they are not.)

what about you?  still harboring any long standing concerns like i am?

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