De-stress, Lose Weight, Save Money? Try Lipton Tea

my february goals are chugging along this month, and it hasn't proven as hard as i anticipated.  i'm on a shopping ban, i'm trying to lose weight for the diet bet (so i'm eating super healthy) and i'm trying to stay in at home more so i can relax a little and get things done around the house that have been weighing on my mind.  and to aid in all of those?  tea time.  are you a tea drinker?  i generally wasn't unless i was sick, but lately it's been all the tea all day every day.

 personally, i find Lipton Tea to be soothing.  it reminds me of childhood, because their original black tea was what my mom used to make me when i got sick.  so it's still comforting for me.  and it's still my go-to when i'm sick, i just have to make it for myself these days.

on normal days though, i get to branch out to all the other flavors.  i usually find myself reaching for them twice a day.  sometimes 3 if i remember to bring them to the office.  i brought the green tea this day, but usually at the office i pick the black teas.  there's one called enticing chai that is really good, which is much more bold than traditional black tea.

a peek at my desk and super old computer.

is that too much, 3 times a day?  i think no because this box only cost me $2.50 at my target.  dolla makes me holla.  they even have coupons, i'll link one here whenever i see it.

right when i get home i start up my keurig to make the hot water and then pick a tea for my travel mug.  hawkeye has to go for a walk right away, so it's the perfect time to unwind after a long day at the office.  it's ready to go by the time i get her leash on!  since it can take her 20 minutes just to go around the block, sniffing every single tree and fence post, the tea helps me unwind while she has her fun.  plus it fills me up until i get back home to make dinner.  otherwise i'd be starving and ordering all the greasy, cheesy, unhealthy foods for delivery.  (no, just me?)  it really does help though - a lot of times, when you think you're hungry, you're actually just thirsty.  so if you have a problem getting your recommended water daily, try tea.

i try to have the green tea ones at this time, since they're a newer style.  i know green teas are good for you, but they aren't my favorite of the bunch.  but Lipton’s updated green teas have a lighter and fresher taste, and they smell good - which was my issue with green tea in the past.  the one above, the purple acai blueberry is one of my favorites of the new varieties and you'd never guess it was green tea!  they have the regular 'pure green tea' too though, but i haven't tried that one yet.  have you?  i'm curious if i'll like it more than traditional green teas of the past.

i also make another cup of tea after dinner.  all the fruit herbal tea varieties curb any cravings for sugary sweets, so i can stick to my diet plan.  the peach mango is the best smelling of them all (i'm a huge peach fan as you probably know by my candle collection) and the apple cinnamon basically tricks your mind into thinking you had apple pie for dessert.  hey, you do what you gotta do to win diet bet!  i definitely believe that the addition of regular tea time into my routine has helped me stay on track.  even though the final weigh in isn't until this coming weekend, i already hit my goal weight for my diet bet.  and i plan to use the winnings to buy more tea.  no, i do not have a problem they're delicious.

you can check out the full line-up of Lipton Green, Black and Herbal tea flavors here are you a tea drinker and have you tried the new Lipton Tea flavors yet?  what's your favorite?

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