Online Shopper? Take Control of Your Identity with Sudo

i collaborated with Sudo on this post to tell you all about their new app.

two weeks ago, i had an unknown random charge from google on my credit card.  but my credit card was still in my possession, it's not like someone got a hold of my purse.  no, my credit card number had been stolen, because i made an online purchase somewhere down the line that apparently didn't keep my information safe enough.

so i called my credit card company and told them, they reversed the charge, and sent a new card in two days.  alright, no big deal, not out any money.  except, it is a big deal.  you really don't know how many places you have that card stored to make auto payments until you have to change the information on every single one.  from uber, to my train pass, to my health insurance... all of those were automatically charged to that card.  and now i had to change all of them.  what a nightmare.  and it's not the first time it's happened!

but i don't want to just shop in stores to avoid this problem.  (a) remember the target fiasco?  in store isn't all that safe either and (b) i love shopping online.  i don't have a car and while i can get to a ton of stores easily living in chicago, it's hard to carry back everything i need in just one trip.  particularly grocery trips and giant bags of dog food.  online shopping is my one stop shop.  without leaving my couch or dealing with people, what could be better?  so if i wanted to keep online shopping, i had to figure out a way to take back control of my personal information and simplify my shopping experience.  enter phone app Sudo.

let me tell you what Sudo is, overall - it's an app that generates secure new personas to use for online shopping or other online transactions (blogging, dating, business) that come with an e-mail address, a phone number to call and text with, a password manager, and a secure browser that doesn't track anything you do.  you're in total control of all of this, as it can only be accessed from your phone.  and in particular, it generates credit card numbers for you to use for online shopping.  it'll get charged to my own credit card, but the merchant, or any hackers online, would only see this Sudo generated card number.  how cool is that?  it essentially empowers you to take back control of your identity online.

here's my one for blogging.  ever wanted to contact me?  go ahead and text that number, i'll get it!  (in the app, not on my iphone text messages.)

as you can see, i also signed up for an e-mail!  Sudo therefore not only solves the problem of how to purchase things online without my cards being stolen, but it also takes care of my inbox when companies sell my information to the highest bidder.  they'll only ever get my Sudo generated e-mail address!  keeping my personal inbox safe and clutter-free.  i could even have separate ones for blogging as well as shopping, so everything would be stored on the app and easy to access.

this is the screen for setting up a new Sudo identity.  see all the different things you could use it for?  

pretty smart, i think.  i mean, what if you do online dating and meet a guy for a first date who ends up creepily not being able to take a hint?  good thing you've been contacting him on your Sudo phone number and you don't have to change your main line now!  that's pretty empowering.

you can get 6 different lines so just think of all the organizing you can do with your online life.  the app is brand new so all sorts of options are still being added.  i highly recommend you download it and test it out, particularly if you've ever had your credit card number stolen.  you'll see what a lifesaver it is!

Products were provided by Sudo. I was selected for this opportunity through Collectively and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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