Pet Tip of the Month: Keeping a Safety Kit On Hand

if you have a pet, you know there's no end to the trouble they can get in.  and they depend on you to help them when they do.  from things stuck in their paws to ear to ticks to tummy troubles, there's nothing like the peace of mind of keeping a first aid kit on hand just for your fur baby.  do you have one yet?

if you don't, definitely make one!  you'd be surprised how much can be used from your own (human) first aid kit.  just a few additions will make it pet friendly too.  what should be in your first aid kit:
- cotton pads and cotton balls
- gauze and banages
- antiseptic
- scissors
- tweezers
- flea and tick medication
- tick removal devices
- worming treatments
- dog sunscreen
- any other pet meds (hawkeye takes benadryl when her allergies bother her)
- unflavored electrolyte sports drinks
- vet information

ask your vet for anything else you should include.

after you have the first aid kit set, i would also recommend keeping an emergency preparedness kit on hand for your pet as well.  if you have one for yourself or other family members, why not fluffy?  if you had a power outage or had to quickly leave your house, having a kit of the essentials would make things much easier.  think about how much you would need until you could reach outside help.  start with:

- copies of shot records, medication lists, vet information, and important medical history
- extra leash, collar, and id tag
- 3 days of food and water per pet
- toy(s)
- treats
- litter and litter box for cats

what would you add to either list?  do you have a pet first aid or emergency kit on hand?

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