Things I Make An Effort To Do More Often, But Never Actually Do

in case you missed my february goals, i'm currently right in the middle of no spend month.  well no, not middle, we're not even halfway yet.  but i have successfully spent $0 so far.  i'm also in the middle of a diet bet and 3 weeks into eating the strict eat to live plan (from the book), which is essentially totally vegan but also super limited in grains and fats.  all while reducing waste.  plus i totally decluttered and own less than 500 items, and that's counting each fork separately.  so i'm feeling pretty good about how i'm doing in all of these areas.  like i'm being a very good adult.

but i know better.  there's some items that are forever on my perpetual to do list, even though it wouldn't be that complicated to check them off.  things that would get done on a regular basis if i were actually being a very good adult.  like,

clean my contact lens case.  all i have to do is run it through the dishwasher but nah.

wear sunscreen.  buy sunscreen, first of all.  and then wear it.  i don't ever think to do this because i hate being hot and i don't like summer so i don't spend a lot of time outside.  i certainly never go to the beach or anything.  but still, you're supposed to wear sunscreen every single day.

clean my makeup brushes.  apparently some people do this every week.  some even do it after each time they use the brush.  i am not those people.

track passwords.  gone are the days of trying to use the same passwords, websites make you change them every freaking month it seems like.  plus you need lower case letters, capital letters, numbers, characters, a blood oath.  i just auto save them when i'm on my work computer or laptop, because the browsers (firefox and safari) have those options.  but this means i can't sign in anywhere else, like on my phone or at my parents' house, because i never remember the password.  i keep meaning to write these somewhere, like in a planner or a draft e-mail or something, but they change so often that i can never keep up.  sigh.

respond to blog comments.  i have so many posts pre-written (like, i dunno, 200) that you'd think i'd have freed up a bunch of time which i could now spend responding to comments.  and i do have the time, i just forget.  because the comment system e-mails them to my personal e-mail account, which i'm on all day, so i read them instantly and then i respond in my head and then say i'm going to respond on the blog later, but later never happens.  and then 2+ weeks go by and by then i'm just hoping you forget that i didn't respond.

clean the garbage disposal.  because that's apparently a thing.  i'm really good about regularly cleaning other apartment things, even fan blades, just not that.  (and on a related note, i don't call the landlord to fix said garbage disposal, because it's been broken for months but i don't use it so i don't care.)

i swear i try, i do.  it was easy to write this post because all of these things are on my phone's to do list, they just never get checked off.  but the intention is there.  that counts for something... right?  i can't be the only one - what's on your list?

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