Thursday, February 11, 2016

Three on Thursday

welcome back to three on thursday, a post of my weekly (and all time) top three favorites. 

1. raspberry drinks at starbucks.  some people seem to hate valentine's day, but, like every other holiday ever, i embrace it.  and nothing says valentine's day like pink hued coffee drinks.  oh yes - adding raspberry flavor to starbucks drinks makes them pink!  just get one pump or even half a pump, it's sweet.  i don't like sweet drinks, so just a baby pump of it will do.  it's so cute and delicious.  i like good old raspberry lattes, but raspberry mochas are good too.  because chocolate and raspberry, duh.

2. silk/satin robes and pjs.  i'm a firm believer in nice, comfortable, adorable pjs.  i do not like relegating old ratty yoga pants (not that i own any, i loathe yoga pants) to pj status.  i want my pjs to look nice!  i do have a couple of the cute soft sets from victoria's secret that i enjoy particularly in the colder months, but i still love silk or satin pjs all year round.  with a silk/satin robe on top.  it's worth the investment, plus how adorable would pink ones be for valentine's day?  i have this robe in black and this slip in many colors.  i also have a long wish list going from nordstrom's.  channeling my inner blair waldorf.


3. thebalm meet matt(e) hughes liquid lipstick.  this sucker stays.  i love it so much.  its such a nice matte lip effect, pretty colors that are never patchy, long wearing, evenly fading, not drying - it's the best liquid lipstick i've tried, and i've tried a lot.  this one doesn't get enough love in the lipstick world, and i have no idea why.  this is the color charming, i also love adoring and committed.  get one.


happy thursday, friends.
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