Three on Thursday

welcome back to three on thursday, a post of my weekly (and all time) top three favorites.  

1. rubberized nail polish base coat.  if you struggle with nails chipping the second the paint dries, you need to try the orly bonder rubberized base coat.  it works wonders.  i don't know why, i'm sure it's all science-y, but all i know is that it makes my polish last way longer than other base coats, and i've tested it with the same polish and top coats.  it just works.  get it on amazon, it's $4 cheaper than it is at ulta for the same thing, just fyi.  (orly is a cruelty free brand as well.  they did sell in china but they pulled from the market there and are back to being cruelty free.)

2. paintings by vicki if you don't just love the colors, you're crazy.  i don't know where else you're going to get original, beautiful pieces for the prices she charges.  if you're a minimalist like me, it's the perfect pop of color to add to a room.

3. freedom filer.  i love this thing.  if you have taxes on your mind and are feeling overwhelmed, i highly recommend it.  i also recommend it if you don't currently have any sort of filing system for your important documents.  the video on the website can explain it better than i can, but essentially the files are organized in such a way that you'll automatically purge old documents at the correct time, so you never have to 'declutter' your system.  the ready made system is $99, which is a lot, but you don't have to buy all the things yourself and it's already done.  if you get the diy kit, it's only $35.

happy thursday friends!

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