Why I Don't Post About 'Real Life' and Other Survey Results

in case you missed it last week, i posted a 3 question survey about blogging.  it's still open and i'm still reading results, if you want to take it.  i asked (1) what you like and want to see more of, (2) what you don't like and want to see less of and (3) any specific topics you'd like to see on this blog.  a couple people mentioned that they would like to know what the results of the survey were, and i'm happy to share.  since i asked about blogging in general, some of the answers would work across all blogs, not just mine.  settle in if you're interested, it's a long one.  but the main points are bolded for skimmers.

what you don't like and/or would like to see less of

- for this question, i specifically asked 'whether you've seen it on not entirely perfect or not' and the resounding answer (i swear, almost every single response said this) - please do not blog about blogging.  no 'how to blog' posts, no 'how to get more followers' posts.  people complained that everyone is turning down this path lately and they're sick of it.  i totally get it.  i have never blogged about those kinds of things and i never will, don't you worry.  i'm not an expert on anything, certainly not blogging.  [wait no, lies, i'm an expert on naked girls photo hunt on the touch screen machine in the bar.]  anyway, i know people are fed up with those blogging about blogging posts, and you won't see them here.

- fashion posts.  this came up a few times, not many.  i don't do these either because, well, i own approximately 30 items of clothing.  yeah... fashion is not my jam, ah well.  people did say they like makeup/beauty because i share my cruelty free picks, so there may be more of that.  i'll try anything to get more people to go cruelty free with their shopping!  i do have a youtube channel and some of that information is better suited to video, so i may share things like that over there, but i will post here to let you know too.

- weekend recaps.  this was just a couple of answers, but i threw it in here because, as you'll see in the next section, people wanted more of my real life.  but not in weekend recap form and i completely agree.  i don't do weekend recaps, because i don't like them.  i don't read them when anyone else does them either, as my blog friends well know.  i just pick up with their blogs again on tuesdays :)

- sponsored posts, though everyone was clear to say 'too many' sponsored posts or posts that don't make sense with the rest of the blog's content.  sponsored posts are a part of life, it is what it is.  i feel like most people understand that.  this little space costs money, albeit mostly just the domain name at this point, but i don't do hobbies that are money pits.  it's why i gave up scrapbooking.  i don't do many sponsored posts, but they do come up.  i try to only do ones that make sense, fingers crossed that comes across to you.  i do only do them on mondays and max only twice a month.  i have 200 other posts for you in 2016, hopefully the sponsored ones don't make you leave.

- 2 answers said financial stuff and budgeting, but those were super outweighed by the people who said they want more posts on finances.  i try to balance, but going forward i am making an effort to keep it to once a week or so - sometimes i'm not great at spacing out topics so it's not all the same ideas right in a row, but it's on my to do list.

- 2 answers also said declutter/organizing/minimalism, for which my answer is same as the above - far outweighed by the people who requested more on this.  i will say though, i did do a ton of those types of post in a row in january, because it was when i was massively trying to clear out my apartment at once.  i do want to space these out as well.

i'm not at all offended by the last two, even though i do post about those things.  i'm happy to grow, and really thinking about spacing those out is helpful so thank you for your honest answers!  for those of you who want more on those topics or have specific questions, talk to me any time on twitter, i love giving advice.  plus if you solicit it, i don't feel quite as bossy.  win win.

what you like and what you want to see more of

most answers said you like everything i currently do, so thank you.  you like my writing style (i write how i talk, so thanks!) and you appreciate my snarky attitude, rant posts, and my 'i don't care style.'  which is good, because i'm generally like that most days.  in high school i was voted 'most likely to go through life succeeding, but not really caring.'  i swear.  i'll try to find that for ya.  anyway, the specifics:

- more about chicago, which surprised me.  i love to do those posts, but they don't always get tons of reads.  which makes sense, because who's going to care unless they're visiting?  but i'll figure out a way to throw some more fun chicago posts in here.  there's so much i want to share, i'll need to narrow it down.

- my three on thursdays posts get a thumbs up from a lot of you, so yay.  i love doing those.  someone also mentioned that it would make a good link up, which i agree with.  betsy asked me awhile ago to host it as a link up with her but straight up - hosting link ups sucks.  seriously, i loathe it.  i love seeing everyone's posts but the behind the scenes work is just too much for me, it takes all the fun out of the post.  i told betsy to go ahead and host it if she really wants to, so stayed tuned to see if she does.  or maybe you want to co-host with her, just ask her.

- in a similar vein, challenges are well liked.  like the misgame i did in january.  steph and i used to host 30 day challenges, with a different theme each month.  again, doing the work killed me even though steph did most of it after the first month!  feel free to host it, i'll join in and link up, i just don't host anything anymore.

- a lot of you wanted to see more about my life, which i haven't talked about lately so i assume that's why it came up in so many answers.  here's the thing regarding that - there is nothing i hate more than vague blogging.  to me it's just like when someone says 'i had the best weekend!' or 'sigh. life sucks.'  it's begging for attention and it drives me BONKERS because you are an adult and if you want to talk about something, spit it the fuck out or don't bring it up at all.  i'm not going to drag it out of you, i just, simply put, don't care that much.  so i don't want to vague blog anything, i'd rather just not talk about it.  and i don't want to talk about anything specific about our house we're buying or about john's job on the blog until everything is set in stone because i think it's a jinx.  so until i'm moving my shit into the front door of our house, you're not going to hear anything about it.  and that's honestly what's taking up most of my time lately, so i have nothing else 'real life' to talk about.  i promise, once the house is set and the stuff with john's job is set, i'll back track and tell you all the details.  just stick around until, say, early/mid summer and it'll be all real life all the time!  oh and also i'm on a total spending freeze this month, so my life is wildly boring.  sorry.

- and the #1 across the board answer of what you love and what you want to see more of - hawkeye.  literally no one is surprised by that and now her head is even bigger, guys.  but it's cool, i'm happy to oblige.  i only have posts actually about pets once a month, but i'm happy to just throw in random photos of her all the time.  i should just end every post with a photo of hawkeye.  that's how you gain followers, amirite?  also, top left corner are links to my social media so find me on instagram if you haven't already.  it's a hawkeye photo smorgasbord up in there.

they love me. give the people what they want!

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