My Most Used Apps

anyone else out there super nosy with what people have on their phone and what they're using?  no, just me?  well in case you're in the same nosy boat that i am, i decided to take a couple of screen shots and share what i've been using most.

obviously the top 4 and bottom 4 get used all the time - text messages, weather, calendar, clock, phone (which always has a red number because i never check voicemail), mail, safari, and camera.  i never use maps or music so i don't know why i have them still in the second row there, but i'm just used to the layout at this point so i leave it.  i try not to keep a ton of photos on my phone, but i do use it.  evernote... sigh.  i used to use it a lot and found it super helpful.  but then i just stopped.  i don't know why.  i don't even know what's still saved in there.  oh well.  notes and reminders both get used a lot - i keep blog ideas in notes.  in reminders i keep a running shopping list and to do list.  i also keep a 'products to try' list, like when i hear about something on a blog or youtube video that i want to check out, but it doesn't necessarily belong on my shopping list just yet.

and then i have them categorized in little folders.  because i like to be organized, of course.  under health i have the walk for a dog app which gets used every day, multiple times a day.  you can read about that here.  i also have the iphone health app, which tracks steps, and the myplate app from livestrong which i track calories with when i remember.  which is not often, which is why the red number is always there.  under finance i have the chase app and the paypal app.  i did have ynab on there for awhile, but now i feel like i have things under control without needing to budget, so i deleted it.

under blog i have twitter, instagram, youtube, hootsuite, and snapchat (stephs1120 if you want to find me.)  so it's really just 'social media.'  i don't use any of them much, but i try to remember to check in for a minute or two at least once a day.  social media has never been my jam, but i understand the need for it for the blog.  under entertainment is espn, 8tracks (this is how i listen to music, it's similar to pandora except it's all free and the users make the playlists and it's easier to skip, because you can use all your skips and then just pick a new playlist.  you also find playlists by picking your genre and mood, like 'happy country' or 'dance top 40'), swagbucks, untappd, and productive.  i check espn constantly.  under photography it's afterlight, facetune, and retouch.  to be totally honest, i rarely even open these.  i don't do much editing to most of my photos and when i do, i just brighten stuff with afterlight.

the second page is stuff i don't use much - calculator, app store, uber, redfin, the settings.  extras is all those things apple won't let you delete but that i find totally useless like the compass, game center, news, watch, wallet - all that crap.  i also have find my iphone in there, cause ya don't need it til you need it.  fingers crossed.  i also have a shopping folder here, with starbucks, grubhub, postmates, bulk and buycott. the last two being the most helpful for cruelty free and zero waste shopping.  ventra is the public transit here in chicago, the cta and the metra.  you buy your tickets on here for trains and buses.  the last 3 on there are two voice recording apps for the podcast i do with tara, though i've only used voice record so far.  and the last is popular pays, where you get free things in exchange for posting them to instagram.  free coffee, free pizza, free donuts.  it's based on location but if you have at least 500 instagram followers, you should download it and see if there's anything in your area.

so as far as the apps which i added:
absolute most used: walk for a dog, espn, youtube
ones i don't use as much but still love: 8tracks, popular pays, swagbucks, untappd, buycott

and that's it, that's my phone!  i definitely feel like i should declutter it more, after writing all this.  what about you, what's your phone looking like these days?  organized or disaster?  any apps that you're addicted to that you think are worth me downloading?  let me know in the comments!

p.s. i totally keep the snowflake background year round.  i love snow.

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